10 Best Yoga Pants for Practicing (Or Not Practicing) Yoga

10 Best Yoga Pants for Practicing (And Not Practicing) Yoga_800

Remember when everyone wasn’t wearing yoga pants? I know me neither. The popularity of yoga pants has risen crazily in the past few years, with sales jumping almost 50% in 2013. Everyone is wearing yoga pants, even the people that aren’t doing yoga. More than once they’ve been referred to as “the new jeans” with sales of trusty denim falling in 2014 for the first time in decades.

There’s no doubt that yoga pants are hot. People are finding just how comfy, versatile, and cute a lot of them really are, something that’s making sales continue to rise and have many looking for the latest styles not just for yoga, but as a staple of their everyday wardrobe.

Needless to say, with the rising popularity of these fabulous pants there are many companies that have taken notice. It seems everyone (and their mom) is making yoga pants and the variety of these trendy pants you can now find is insane.

So what are the best yoga pants, anyway?

It all depends on your style and budget. When it comes to the world of yoga pants, there is truly something for everyone.

The Top 10 Big Brand Yoga Pants

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Ever since founder Chip Wilson of Lululemon commented that his company’s famous pants “don’t work for everyone,” the competition took notice. Many companies took note of this degrading remark and saw that the yoga pant playing field opened up quite a bit wider. Many have done an awesome job with new designs and have created a whole new ballgame when it comes to these pants that no one can seem to get enough of.

In no particular order, here are the top ten in the major league playing field.

1. Athleta by Gap Revelation Pant

Gap has been around since 1969 and definitely knows a thing or two about what people want. They introduced their active-wear company, Athleta, in 1998 and have recently begun rapidly expanding.

The Athleta Revelation Pant is designed in traditional, flare-leg style and is very flattering on almost everyone’s figure. They work great for your downward dog as well as for everyday activities when you’re not on the mat. They stay where they’re supposed to and allow all the flexibility your body can give.

2. Lucy Perfect Core Pants

If only all pants could tighten our core like these gems! The Lucy Perfect Core Pants has an innovative, body hugging design that compresses and tightens your core. Yes, this is really true. People that wear the Perfect Core Pants swear by them as some of the most flattering yoga pants they’ve ever tried. For you ladies that love your form fitting tanks, these are the pants that will allow you to wear them with confidence.

Their flattering shape does come with a price. Retailing at $108 they’re not the cheapest yoga pants on the market, but will make you look good in whatever you wear your yoga pants for. You might want to note that they tend to run small and you’ll probably need one size larger than what you would normally wear.

3. Sweaty Betty Tadasana Sweatpant


Whether you’re lounging or getting sweaty in your next power vinyasa class, the Sweaty Betty Tadasana Sweatpant may become your new go-to. They’re super comfortable and stay put whatever you find yourself doing on and beyond the mat. They’re much more figure flattering than traditional sweatpants and the back yoke and ribbed inner leg paneling looks great on any shape. Women love the low-rise design and the fact that they look amazing in them wherever they may go after savasana is over.

They’re a little on the pricy side at $109, but well worth every penny.

4. Forever 21 Fit and Flare Yoga Pant

fit and flare forever21

Don’t feel like dishing out $100 on a pair of yoga pants? Forever 21 is another company that’s paid attention to the yoga pant craze and has come out with the Fit and Flare Yoga Pant that retails for around $20.

These super comfy, stretch-knit fabric pants are lightweight and extremely versatile. They’re great for both yoga and just lounging around, making them awesome for the active yogi who often lives in her yoga pants. They’ve also got a nice contrast trim along the waistline that adds a little pop to your basic black.

5. The Om Collection 2 Tier Flow Pant


These flowy capris with a built-in skirt are awesome for your yoga flow. As one of Om Collection’s best sellers, these pants can easily go from yoga class to wherever your day may take you. They feature a drawstring waistband so you can find the perfect fit, and flatter just about any shape and size.

If you’re ready to take a break from the traditional black yoga pant that everyone’s wearing, checking out Om Collection’s 2 Tier Flow Pant is a must. They come in 15 fabulous colors and look awesome with a tight or loose fitting top. They’re even handmade in Bali with love. Priced at $88, the 2 Tier Flow Pant is pretty affordable for a look that is awesome both on and off the mat.

6. Zella Live-In Leggings


If you’re the yogi who prefers leggings over traditional yoga pants or a more flowy style, Nordstrom’s active wear brand Zella has you covered. These lean leggings are made with a stretchy, moisture-wicking material that will keep you dry no matter how intense your yoga hour becomes. The four-way stretch fabric is also amazing for all those poses that move your body into crazy positions. They won’t ride and the material pulls everything in to give you a nice flattering look.

Priced at just over $50 they won’t break the bank and are nice enough to wear out when you’re not doing yoga.

7. Zobha Straight Leg Capri


Zobha is a Sanskrit word that means “grace, beauty, and brilliance” and their superior designs have made them quickly rise to one of the nation’s most loved activewear brands. The Straight Leg Capri is part of their Asana Collection items and is a super comfy Capri that provides excellent performance. These capris might just set the standard for ones you can wear straight from yoga class to out on the town and look great with a pair of flats or boots.

At $55.00 a pair they’re an affordable option for those that don’t want to pay some other name brand prices.

8. Beyond Yoga Essential Gathered Long Legging

The awesome thing about yoga pants is their popularity has created a ton of cute designs. Beyond Yoga Long Leggings are one of these, and their extra-long length and 6 inch ankle ruching make these pants one of the most popular styles around. They’re super soft without being shiny and are another yoga pant that looks awesome even when you’re off the mat. They move great when you’re in your flow without riding up in the front. They’re also perfect for expecting moms.

Priced at $88.00 they’ll cost you, but you’ll have a pair of yoga pants that are so flattering they can even be worn on a nice evening out.

9. Hardtail Flat WaistAnkle Legging


Hardtail is famous among those hip, west coast yogis, and their new(ish) Flat Waist Ankle Leggings are getting the attention this brand is famous for. They’re designed to be slimming across your waistline and can seriously pull it all in to make you look awesome. They’re also a little longer and have a bit of scrunch at the ankles that makes your legs look awesome anywhere your day might take you. Yes they’re awesome for all your postures, but are equally adorable worn off the mat. They do run small, so you’ll want to get a size up from what you normally would.

They run for $59.

10. Old Navy Fold-Over Yoga Pant

Priced at just $20 there’s nothing really not to love about these basic yoga pants. The Old Navy Fold-Over Yoga Pant is made of a soft cotton and spandex blend and is super comfortable. They’re fitted through the hips and thighs, but are loose behind the knee and have a slightly flared leg. Think basic black yoga pants and these might be what come to mind. They fit great on girls of all sizes. With the price, these pants really can’t be beat.

Top 5 “Indie” Yoga Pants

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If you’re a practicing yogini who prefers her pants come from an independent company, we’ve definitely found some of the best. The following 5 yoga brands are all doing their part not just to bring you the best yoga pants possible, but they’re doing so in a completely conscious way.

Whether it’s sourcing material from organic or recycled material, giving back to different causes, or producing their clothes as ethically as possible these companies have got it covered. Most of them take a break from the traditional black or gray yoga pant, offering an eclectic flair that will add style to your practice as you flow through wherever your movement may take you.

1. Uranta Lotus Pants


Founded in 2012, Uranta is a relatively new company based out of San Juan Cosalá, Jalisco, Mexico. Made for people who “celebrate their lives through the inspiration of creative movement, they’re a company dedicated to bringing sustainable yoga clothing at an affordable price. Their clothing is made by disadvantaged women and single mothers of the area out of 60% recycled material.

Their Lotus Pants are one of Uranta’s classics and are sure to become one of your staples. They allow free-flowing movement and are super cute for days when you want a fresh look or something fun to wear out at night. They’re also available in 15 fun shades, offering a nice change to your regular blacks and grays, and are sure to turn heads with their flattering flowy style.

Priced at just around $42, it’s easy to buy more than one pair.

2. LVR Organic Fold Over French Terry Leggings

LVR is a Los Angeles based company that is family owned and makes everything by hand. LVR was founded in 2010 with the vision of creating high quality, affordable, earth-friendly products that would benefit both local and global communities. A portion of their revenue is donated to a wildlife rescue center in Guatemala that helps the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of wild animals. They also make a monthly donation of clothing to the Downtown Women’s Shelter in Los Angeles who helps create a safe space for women in need.

The Organic Fold Over French Terry Leggings are one of their most popular styles for their form flattering fit and incredible comfort. They’re made of 94% organic cotton and 6% Lycra, making them an earth-friendly option that’s style isn’t compromised in the slightest. They come in a bunch of different colors (including their “crystal wash” that has a tie-dye effect) and are priced at $65.00.

3. Onzie Long Legging


Onzie is another Los Angeles-based company that was created by a 20 year-old Bikram yogi. Their prints are bold and their style unique, making these a well-loved favorite by yogi’s with a flair for funky fashion. Onzie’s Long Leggings are made with a low-rise waist band and designed to be form-fitting while moving effortlessly with your body. If you love bold prints, you’ll love these leggings from one of the hottest independent yoga companies on the west coast.

These pants are priced at $65.00 and made with love in Los Angeles.

4. Purusha People Dancing in the Moonlight Bells Yoga Pants


Purusha People was founded in 2009, with the belief that “what you wear next to your skin is sacred.” The material they use for their chic line of yoga clothes is made with super soft, organic materials, by real people, paid a real-living wage, in Los Angeles, California. They also give a portion of all proceeds to sponsor 2 children in Africa and their families.

Purusha People’s entire line comes with a bit of flair and funk (something we see in a lot of these L.A. based designers), and the Dancing in the Moonlight Bells are no exception. These super comfortable pants that are made from 92% recycled plastic soda bottles and 8% Lycra will move with you while offering a flattering appeal. They’ve got a mid-line waistband that won’t cut into your body, a tight fitting leg, and a nice amount of flair towards the ankle. They also wick moisture away, keeping you dry as you sweat it out in your next hot yoga class.

They are priced at $98.00

5. Teeki Hot Pants

Teeki is a company that dances to a different beat, offering a line of eco-conscious active wear that could possibly quickly become your new fave. Their line is made from recycled plastic bottles and with eclectic prints that are sure to satisfy your inner funk.

They’ve got a few different styles, but the Hot Pants are definitely on our list of favorites. They come with a high or low waistband option, and don’t contain elastic so you’ll never find them cutting into your skin. They’re super stretchy and will move in whatever position your practice takes you. They also come in super fun prints with names like Buffalo Princess, Fairy Bath, Love the Elephant, and Sacred Feather.

Teeki’s Hot Pants will run you between $72-$79.

Yoga pants can literally be found to fit any style and budget, and with all the different styles and prints to choose from, with a little searching, you’re sure to find your new go-to. Whether you’re wearing them for yoga, working out, or simply going out, there’s definitely a yoga pant that will express not only your practice, but your personality as well.