7 Yoga Poses that Can Help You Get Rid of Stress

Yoga Poses that Can Help You Get Rid of Stress

The origins of yoga can be traced back to thousands of years. This unique method of meditation is known for its healing and relaxing abilities. Not only is it a useful stress reliever but is also successful in easing symptoms of anxiety and tension. However, because this type of meditation has hundreds of positions that are meant to help with specific things, it is crucial that you explore the yoga poses that will help you get rid of your stress.

According to research and recent stats, approximately 526,000 people suffer from work-related stress, and this is one of the leading reasons why a lot of people have to deal with elevated blood pressure, hypertension and other such diseases.

Though your lifestyle is a significant contributing factor, you need to remember that meditation techniques such as yoga can help you improve your bodily function and take it towards better health.

Also, because yoga warrants specific breathing techniques, it helps regulate blood pressure, glucose level, and a lot of other things as well. So, without further delay, let’s dive in and explore the seven yoga techniques that can help you relieve stress.

The Eagle Pose

Eagle pose to relieve stress

If you’re a yoga fanatic and know that it helps to ward off stress and improve balance, then you need to try this pose. The eagle pose may feel a little challenging at first, but once you get it right, you’ll realize that it improves concentration and helps in opening the muscles of your shoulders, hips and upper back. Because you’ll be twisting both your arms and legs together, it will aid in compressing circulation when entwined and releasing the pose will cause a flow of energy through your body.

To get this position right, you’ll need to stand straight, lift your right leg and lock it behind the left foot’s shin and cross your left elbow over the right and join the palms of the hands. Align your elbow with your chin and hold for several breaths and then let go. Repeat this pose for the other side, and you’ll start feeling relaxed.

The Legs Up on a Wall Pose

Legs up on a wall yoga pose

If you have a job that keeps you on your feet, then you need to try the ‘legs up’ yoga poses to relieve stress. This pose will help you release tension and fatigue in the lower body, improve circulation and relax the nervous system by allowing the body to focus its attention on the heart. The pose isn’t just great for calming the mind but also helps in renewing blood and lymph drainage back to the core.

If you’re new to it, you’ll need to place a bolster or folded blanket a few inches from the wall and lie face up with your pelvis resting on top the bolster. Lift your legs straight up into the air and lean them against the wall. Extend your arms out at shoulders and bend the elbows to create a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for 3-5 minutes and release.

The Corpse Pose

Corpse yoga pose to relieve stress

The corpse pose, also known as the Savasana, is one that doesn’t require you to do a lot but relax. This pose will send the body into total relaxation so it can take a little break before dealing with the usual stresses of the life.

This corpse pose helps to trigger a state of total rest and can assist in lowering blood pressure, quieting the nervous system and slows breathing. Though it’s easy to get into this state, it’s somewhat challenging to shut everything off and focusing on bringing back the positive energy into your body.

To get into the corpse pose, you’ll need to close your eyes, bring your arms to your sides with palms facing up and allow your ankles to fall outward, in a lying position. Stay in this pose for at least 5 minutes or as long as it takes for you to be one with the mat and you’ll start feeling rejuvenated almost instantly.

The Child’s Pose

Child's pose yoga position to relieve stress

The child’s pose benefits the nervous as well as the lymphatic system and can relieve stress and anxiety symptoms within minutes. This pose is also one of the restful postures that can be sequenced between other more challenging poses such as the eagle or crow positions. The pose helps in quieting the mind and can be a proper technique when you’re feeling very stressed out and want to let it all go.

To do this pose, you’ll need to kneel on a mat with your legs together and sit back on your heels. Next, once you get into the sitting position, bring your chest forward and rest it on your thighs with chin on the floor. Bring your shoulders ahead and let the palms of your hands relax next to the feet. Hold this position for at least 10-12 deep breaths and then let go.

The Standing Forward Bend Pose

Standing forward bend yoga pose for stress

One of the most popular yoga poses that help in stretching the muscles of the thighs and hips is the standing forward bend pose. This position doesn’t just help you get rid of stress and mild depression but also allows you build strength because it requires specific balance. However, remember that this posture may be a little challenging if you’re doing it for the first time because it needs practice and perseverance.

To do the standing forward bend pose, stand up with your feet and carefully fold your chest over your legs. Instead of bending your knees outward, bend them deeply, so you can feel it in the abdominal muscles. Let your arms hang down straight freely. As you inhale and exhale, you’ll feel your body is releasing stress.

The Dog down Pose

dog down yoga pose to relieve stress

The dog down pose, also known as the downward facing dog gets your heart higher than the head and helps in blood and lymph circulation. The dog down position isn’t just ideal for those who want to relieve stress but also works to stimulate digestion and tone the abdominal muscles.

Because stress is known to cause disruptions to the digestive system, this position can help significantly when you’re facing such issues. Other than this, this posture also helps in elongating the spine and easing the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and back.

The dog down pose will start with you on all your fours with the surface of your palms pressing into the floor and toes tucked underneath. Once you’ve achieved the position, try to slowly lift your knees and hips to straighten the legs and aim to get your heels to the ground. If you feel too tight, bend your knees only slightly. Press on your palms and feet and lift your bones as you move your thighs back. Allow your head to hang between your arms and hold the position for 5-10 breaths.

The Easy Pose

Natural yoga pose to relieve stress

Finally, if you don’t feel like giving it much effort or are new to the world of meditation and yoga, you can try the natural pose which is the primary yoga position. This posture helps in bringing you to a state of calm and eliminates negative symptoms of physical and mental exhaustion, tiredness, and stress. It improves you in opening your hips, lengthens your spine and increases overall tranquility.

All you’ll need to do is to sit straight and cross your legs at the shins. Next, place each foot beneath the other and fold your legs towards the torso. Place your hands on your knees and align head, neck, and spine, so everything is in perfect cohesion. Hold this position for at least 60 seconds and then change the cross over to the other side.

In combination with yoga and physical activity, getting into a routine and eating a healthy diet rich in leafy greens are helpful in relieving stress. Yoga is excellent if you want to de-stress and it can provide a lot of help when you’re trying to bring some relaxation into your life. So try these seven postures out and watch how your life and stress levels change.