Whiteheads are a common skin problem that can occur at any part of the body. There are many reasons for having pimples, blackheads or whitehead on lip or around the mouth and chin. We do have an inclination towards the delicacy of lips as healthy pink lips exhibit that you are in a sound health. So, having a bump on the lip may not give a pleasant sight.

Lips are one of the delicate parts of our body. The lip tissues are soft and gentle. They also catch bacteria and viruses quickly that can lead to an acne, cold sore, zits or herpes etc. Whitehead on lip is not common but it can appear on any part. Let us see how a whitehead appears on lips or inside lips.

How Whitehead On Lip Cause? 

Whitehead is a cosmetic defect that is a common issue. However, it does not reports a serious problem. Whitehead pimples are known as milium. A whitehead is caused due to the accumulation of sebum or dead skin particles that result in clogging the pores. The sebaceous glands secretions are primarily the reason of clogging pores that result in a whitish nodule appearing on the skin.

The painful whitehead pimples tend to be caused due to the hormonal imbalance or a genetic disorder in an individual. To treat a whitehead on lip line or around the mouth, it is first important to see if it is just a pimple or a cold sore.

What is a cold sore?

Cold sores are also termed as fever blisters or herpes. The virus known as herpes simplex enters the patient skin when it is little damage or the skin breaks around the lips or inside the mouth. Cold sore generally spreads if a person may touch the cold sore or otherwise he may get infected due to sharing utensils or razors of the infected person. It can also be caught if a person comes in contact with an infected person saliva.

How to treat a cold sore or a pimple around lip line?

You can read this article to see how to treat cold sores or pimple on corner of mouth. You should also consult a dermatologist to treat your cold sore. He or she will prescribe a medicine that will help you to get rid of it in a couple of days.

 How To Treat Whitehead on Lip? 

On the other hand, there are also many natural ways to get rid of pimples or whiteheads around the mouth at home in a natural environment. There are a couple of ways discussed below to tell you how you can get rid of pimples around the mouth instantly. There are also some home remedies to treat the pimples or whiteheads on lip line. Few of them are as following:

1Apply Floride Toothpaste On Lips

Applying a warm compress on the infected area for a minute can help to soothe the zit or pimple on lip line.

2-Pop The Pimple Carefully

If the pimple is filling with pus, wait for the moment until it gets a point to burst. Take cotton pads and gentle push from the either sides of the pimple. You have to do it gently as the increase in pressure will help to ooze out the skin

3-Use Benzoyl Peroxide

Use can use Benzoyl Peroxide. But use only if it is on the exterior part of the lips. It should get into your mouth. If it happens, wash your mouth with tap water and consult your doctor.Placing Ice On Your Acne or

4-Rub Ice Over The Pimple

Placing ice on your acne on a pimple can also help to reduce the swollen part. This will also reduce the pain if you are feeling any.

5-Avoid Cosmetics

Avoid Using Lip Balm or Lip Gloss as the cosmetic use can cause further problems on your lips.

6-Wipe Your Mouth After Eating

Always remember to wash and wipe your mouth after you finish eating to remove traces of oily food.

7-Use Fragrance Free Toothpaste

Using Fragrance-Free Toothpaste is also good to avoid pimples around the mouth.

8-Exfoliate Your Lips

Brushing Lips with a toothbrush assist in lips exfoliation process.

9-Don’t Share Utensils With Others

In the case of cold sores or herpes, avoid sharing your utensils with others as the utensils of an infected person can result in spreading the infection.