BCAA for Women: Hitting the gym every day is not the easiest thing under the sun. Cardio, dumbbells, weights, squat stations, cables and pulleys, and the rest of the workout routines on your fitness regime list can really get Lactic acid flowing in your muscles, leaving you feeling sore and fatigued.

But don’t worry ladies! The intake of BCAA for women as supplements are always there to save your day. Those of you who have already made BCAAs a part of your fitness goals, will know exactly what I am talking about. For the rest of you, well, here’s some good news!

How Many Branched Chain Amino Acids Are There?

‘BCAAs’ is an acronym for branched chain amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. There are a total of 22 different amino acids known to Man.

The most awe-inspiring phenomenon is how these 22 amino acids are permuted to create different codes for protein synthesis, such as the genetic codes (e.g. DNA). Even the greatest cryptologist in the world could have achieved such intricacy.

Out of the 22 amino acids, 9 are essential ones, that is, they cannot be produced in the body and have to be acquired through diet. The rest are non-essential ones that are made in the body.

BCAAs are a code of 3 different essential amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. These three amino acids play an integral role in muscle growth, which is why BCAAs are a blessing in disguise for workout buffs!

What Benefits Does BCAAs For Women Have?

The best way to put the role of BCCAs would be that BCAAs are the athlete’s best friend as they facilitate workout in the best possible way. There are numerous benefits of incorporating BCAAs in your diet such as:

Save muscles from breaking down

After strenuous exercising, in the recovery period, the body starts synthesising and breaking down muscles at the same time. However, the breakdown rate surpasses the synthesis rate due to catabolism.

BCAA for women comprises of Leucine that helps to balance out the two rates and save the body from muscle damage.

Minimize muscle soreness

BCCAs delay the process of muscle soreness which means you don’t have to go out of the gym feeling like you got stabbed in every muscle of your body! Incorporating BCAA will calm your body.

Cut down body fat

BCAAs trigger a hormone in fat tissue, called Leptin. This hormone signals the brain that the body is fully satiated. This process further accelerates the assimilation of fat in the body.

Make you rough and tough

BCAAs take up your workout performance several notches up by enhancing endurance and suppressing fatigue. Hence, you become more tough and your body tends to get internally strong.

Improve insulin sensitivity

The amino acid isoleucine improves glucose tolerance and the combination of all three amino acids improves insulin sensitivity, reducing the risk of diabetes.

Go for BCAA Ladies!

Very often, women come with preconceived notions that like other high protein-rich supplements, BCAAs will also make them fat and bulky.

Well, if that’s what you are thinking then just sit back and relax because BCCAs are not at all going to add on weight. In fact there are plenty of benefits of bcaa for weight loss. They will help you eliminate unwanted fat from your body and keep you lean, shapely, toned and trimmed.

Women who are deficient of protein must take BCAA for women as an alternative for protein replenishment in their bodies.

You can surely take workout to the next level and hit right at your fitness goals with BCAAs.

You can also find a diet & supplement program that can help you to shape up your body. The code of 3 Amino acids offer more power to you so good luck for the toned and shaped body!