Best Makeup Brush Sets

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Even with the most custom-matched or priciest makeup formulas, applying makeup evenly or perfectly without a hassle is never easy. You’ll need a little help finding the right tools, so we’ve compiled a list of the best makeup brush sets.

Whether a seamless finish that blends well with your skin that has completely even coverage or hiding your blemish or smoky eye, the right set of makeup tools is fundamental for a seamless application. Makeup brush sets don’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are many best value brushes that suit every pocket.

Using the best makeup brush sets is a sure way to accurately apply makeup for that flawless skin and glow that screams, “I drink eight glasses of water every day”. Most quality makeup brushes are made from highly durable, soft high-grade material that soothes the skin while preventing makeup wastage.

Ready for the ride through the top makeup brush sets to make your complexion one of a kind? Click through our reviews and choose any makeup that will make your application fast and as easy as ABC…

1. USpicy Makeup 32-Piece Makeup Brush Set

uspicy makeup brush set

This is one of the best makeup brushes set suitable for regular use. The makeup set is worth every penny as it has numerous benefits. The 32 different makeup brushes serve different purposes; from applying foundation, powdered makeup to concealers, you’ll never have to use one brush for every application. The different brushes do the job fast and efficiently, giving you a perfect finish just the way you envisioned it. USpicy’s makeup set comes with brushes designed to be comfortable, durable, and easy to control. Their non-fading and super soft bristles do not irritate skin. Coming with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, this set of makeup brushes is very light and designed to be travel worthy as it fits perfectly into your travel pouch.

2. Outop 24pcs Professional Cosmetic

This makeup brush set was ranked among the top 10 best makeup brush sets in 2015 reviews. The 24 piece professional cosmetic makeup brush inspired by Outop is a high-grade accessory and a must have for all makeup enthusiasts. The makeup brushes are 100% original and made from highest grade Persian hair and synthetic fibers. The cosmetic brushes are also eco-friendly, stylish, easy to maintain, and give an excellent performance whether applying concealers, powders, creams, and foundations. The bristles are non-fade, non-irritant and accurately apply makeup without any wastage. The set is ideal for every day usage.

3. Coastal Scents 22-Pc Brush Set

As one of the best makeup brush sets in reviews for 2015, Coastal Scents is a distinct set of 22 unique brushes that feature a round powder brush, large fan brush, as well as a powder buffer brush. A blender, concealer, large shadow brush, and dome shadow brush are also some of the brushes in the set. The brushes are made from quality materials that make them durable, sturdy, and stylish. With their smooth and non-irritant synthetic bristles, this high-grade accessory will make your professional and casual makeup time fun. Unlike other similar brushes in the market, Coastal Scent’s makeup brushes are easier to store, clean, and easy to travel with. To restore their luster, soak them in clear warm water and clean using shampoo.

4. KingMas 24 Pieces Professional Wool

Designed to be durable with sturdy handles, KingMas 24pcs makeup brush set consists of high-performance brushes made of professional-grade wool. The brushes are perfect for applying even foundation as well as powdered makeup. Their fan-shaped large (20.4cm) bristles are ideal for everyday use. Unlike most synthetic brushes, KingMas’ cosmetic brushes do not shed. They are convenient and can be used on wet, dry, as well as on sensitive skin. The brand’s innovative design is made from eco-friendly material and fits perfectly in the hand. To get the most out of it, be sure to buy an original.

5. Bestope Premium Kabuki Synthetic Makeup Brush Set

Known for its durable handles, silky hair-soft and very dense synthetic bristles, BESTOPE is a set of premium kabuki brushes great for your everyday use. The brushes’ high performance enables seamless application of makeup on all skin types. The brushes are constructed to be 100% non-porous making them ideal for applying creams and liquid makeup. The professional-grade brushes are non-irritant and do not shed. Whether looking for a convenient and easy-to-use set of powder, foundation, blush, concealer, blending, and eyeliner brushes, each purchase of BESTOPE will serve you right for long.

6. Dragonpad 16 Pieces

This is a professional cosmetic makeup brush set by Dragonpad excellent for those who love the royal color purple. This is a 16 piece set with light, durable, and premium-grade brushes that do not fade or shed. They are easy to use and comfortable on the skin. They are ideal for applying both liquid and solid makeup flawlessly. Their wooden handles are firm and the purple leather case makes storage easier. The makeup brush set is affordable, long lasting, and easy to maintain than most brands on the market.

7. DragonPad 11 Piece Makeup Brushes

DragonPad is a renowned brand famous for its quality production practices and superior workmanship. In fact, the set of 11 pieces of eye shadow, foundation, and concealer makeup brushes were ranked among the top selling makeup brushes in 2015. The non-fading brushes are designed to be light, durable, and affordable. They are made of anti-dropping synthetic material and cozy bamboo handles that are easy to use, handle, and maintain. The brushes’ bristles are smooth and do not irritate skin. They are perfect for both professional and personal makeup application.

8. BS-Mall Premium Kabuki Synthetic Makeup Brush Set

The premium synthetic makeup brushes by BS-MALL is definitely the #1 brand new makeup brush sets in 2015. The brushes’ silky bristles are simply luxurious and easy to maintain while their golden and black theme makes them more appealing. The brushes are best for applying creams, foundation, and face powder.

9. Niceeshop 32 Pieces Makeup Brush Set

This set from Niceeshop is a must have accessory. The 32 piece set of professional cosmetic brushes is black themed and contains all brushes for concealer, foundation, powder, spoolie, and mascara application. The brushes are durable with a premium soft hair and quality synthetic bristles for a lasting excellent performance. The handles are designed to be stylish and durable. The set comes in a remarkable storage case.

10. EmaxDesign 12 Pc Makeup Brush Set

The 12 piece set of high performance cosmetic makeup brushes from EmaxDesign is designed using comfortable and durable bamboo bristles that make foundation and concealer application as well as blending makeup for casual use and parties fast and easy. The eco-friendly makeup brushes work well on all skin types without causing inflammation, irritation, or physical injury.

11. FOONEE Makeup Brush Set

This 8pc set of brushes from FOONEE comes in a cute pink small faux leather bag which contains eight different brushes including concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, brow, angled, medium angled, blush, and large shader brushes. The brushes have hair-soft bristles with a sturdy and strong handle, giving you a flawless makeup set at a reasonable price.


This is a 24 pc professional wool cosmetic makeup brush set ideal for both personal and professional use. JUJU brushes bristles are made of premium-grade synthetic taklon and natural hair, which does not irritate the skin. The cute pink brushes that come with a rolling pink casing makes this brand a favorite for most women. From small to large sets of makeup brushes, JUJU provides them all to your convenience.

13. Real Technique

This makeup brush is a starter set ideal for learners. Real Technique Starter Set is the best choice for the eye makeup. From deluxe crease, base shadow, accent, brow, to fine liner brushes, the purple set has its brushes made of smooth and soft Taklon bristles that allow these brushes to pick up the right amount of color for a complete natural look.

14. EcoTools Makeup Brush Set

The bamboo set of makeup brushes has all you need when it comes to brushes. Whether eye shading brush, concealer brush, blush brush, lash & brow brush, or angled eye liner brush, you will be excited about this set which also comes with a nice dual-pocket bag for the brushes. Made from synthetic bristles, each brush serves its purpose well. For instance, the eye shadow works marvelous for base color, the soft foundation brush blends cream, or liquid foundation evens well while the blush brush offers a perfect fit for the face.

15. Shany Cosmetics Brush Kit

The 7 pc set from Urban Gal Collection has brushes with long handles, high quality and silky soft bristles. The brushes include eyeliner brush, face brush, eyebrow brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush, and angled brush which comes packed in a leather pouch. The set is unbelievably affordable!

16. Louise Maelys

Louise Maelys’ set of 7 pc makeup brushes is made from the highest quality synthetic hair, which does not irritate the skin. With their soft brown and white mix of bristles and a sturdy handle, you will effortlessly and accurately complete applying your entire makeup within no time. The brushes come in a beautiful rolling bag that can allow you to bring along the entire set of brushes.

The Bottom Line

Note: Makeup brushes (including newly bought) should be washed with warm water with baby shampoo to prevent it from being smelly. Frequent washing of the brushes is necessary to remove oil, bacteria, old makeup, and dead skin cells. You may also need to change the brushes over time.