Best Organic Baby Formula for Your Little One

List Of The Best Organic Baby Formula Brands

Organic baby formulas have been enjoying a lot of attention in recent years. It looks like we’re only seeing a slice of what’s to come though. More mothers flock to this trend due to the huge benefits for their children. The huge variety of products on the market has made it a challenge to find the best organic baby formula. Let’s have a look at some of the current leading products and see what makes them so good.

A crucial point to remember when comparing products is to always check the legitimacy of their “organic” claims. There is a worrying recent trend of poor regulation of the market, allowing some unscrupulous brands to prosper from people’s ignorance.

When your baby has acid reflux or constipation, organic formula can be a great option.

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Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron

One of the most popular products on the market, and for a good reason. Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula has a long-running reputation. The company was actually a pioneer in the organic baby formula field. The formula is one of the best organic baby formula solutions right now. It’s widely reported to have a great taste and digestibility. The only potential issue you might have is with its use of certain types of sugars that have generated controversy among concerned mothers. The issues have been mostly related to opinions and not any scientific facts, however. If that’s not a personal problem for you, this can easily be the best choice on the market for your baby.

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Baby’s Only Organic Formula

A fully organic baby formula with a lot of attention paid to the quality of ingredients. Baby’s Only might come off as a bit pricey for some people’s standards, but it’s one of the safest, best organic baby formulas on the market. Its benefits more than justify the price. Some of the key features that separate it from the competition include a natural source of vitamins and sweetness.

It uses brown rice syrup, as opposed to the corn-based alternative found in many competing products. Various omega acids with proven benefits to infant development are included as well. The company is very responsive to comments too. They seem to be keeping an eye on discussions about their business online. So far, they’ve managed to constantly adapt their products, keeping their customer base generally happy.

Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula Milk-Based Powder

Another great solution for newborns during their first year in our world. Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula is specifically formulated to resemble breast milk as closely as possible. It’s produced with organic lactose, and includes a healthy dose of multiple types of important vitamins. It also offers a good balance of Calcium, Iron and Zinc.

The company specifically prides itself on the fact that they only source their products from organic dairy farms. They don’t use any syrup sweeteners or artificial ingredients either. All the way to the very packaging, this is one of the best all-natural baby formulas you can buy right now. It’s one of the better reviewed choices on Amazon as well. The same goes for most of the company’s products.

Earth’s Best Organic Low Lactose Sensitivity Infant Formula with Iron

We’ve already covered another Earth’s Best product, and it’s actually our top choice for this article. The only reason we’re putting the low-lactose version of the product a bit lower in the list is because it’s relevant to a smaller number of parents. If your baby doesn’t have any lactose tolerance problems, there is no reason to spend the money on this version.

Putting that aside, this is a top-grade product much like the original Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula. It delivers healthy doses of iron, vitamins, and omega acids. All of this comes together to promote proper growth in your child and provide it with every bit of important nutrition. The formula contains absolutely no artificial flavoring or colors. The company pays special attention to the organic nature of their products too, as we described earlier.

Plum Organics Grow Well Organic Infant Formula

Plum Organics is another respected brand on the organic baby formula market. If you’ve been looking around and comparing prices on different products, you’ve likely come across them more than once. A producer that pays a lot of attention to the authenticity of their ingredients, you’ll never see them using anything but organic non-fat milk and healthy sweeteners.

Corn syrup is off the table as well, and to top it all off, this product is gluten-free. All of this makes it the best organic baby formula for infants with specific needs. That might not be relevant to every parent, of course. But if your child has extra gluten sensitivity, this is one of the best organic infant formulas you can buy.

The Honest Co. Organic Non-GMO Sensitive Infant Formula

Sometimes you need something a little lighter on the stomach. A common example are babies with intermittent fussiness and gas issues. This is a low-lactose organic baby formula (still not lactose-free though), made from all-natural ingredients. It’s rich in Iron, Vitamin D, Calcium and more. The formula is also great for boosting the immune function of your baby.

It comes with a range of probiotics, carefully picked to have the strongest possible effect without interfering with the baby’s regular growth and development. Also, the company excludes DHA from all their products as a matter of principle. They do have a special supplement based on fish oil sold separately though.

Vermont Organics Milk-Based Organic Infant Formula with Iron

Made with organic non-fat milk as well as all-organic vegetable oils. You can hardly find a safer organic baby formula on the market right now, at least not at such an attractive price. Vermont Organics have been around for a while, and they’ve established a solid reputation for themselves. Known for their attention to detail, they pay a huge consideration to the impact their production has on the Earth.

The company’s products are not only pure and healthy, but they also leave the smallest possible footprint on our environment. Vermont Organics make no compromises when it comes to pollution and sustainability. Of course, we understand that this is not important to all parents. But those with concerns about nature will likely appreciate the work of Vermont Organics.

Similac Organic Infant Formula with Iron

Similac are known for working on their own special version of DHA. Named OptiGRO, and it’s a major component of this product. The Similac Organic Infant Formula with Iron is a top-shelf choice for parents who want to make no compromises with nutrition. It enjoys a lot of popularity all across the United States. The formula is completely organic, down to the milk used.

It includes a good dose of important vitamins for a healthy growth of your baby. One of the best and safest organic baby formula solutions for most babies’ needs. Definitely a good bet if you want a nice balance between price and volume. At the same time, you know you’re keeping your baby completely safe.

Happy Tot Organic Toddler Milk

A complete package that addresses all nutritional needs of your baby. Happy Tot Organic Toddler Milk is a special formula suitable for up to 24 months of age. It includes balanced doses of DHA, ARA and Choline. In addition, it can provide your baby with all the Calcium and Iron he/she needs in this crucial stage of life. It’s quite tasty too, despite the lack of any artificial sweeteners in the formula.

The packaging itself receives special attention too, featuring a BPA-free design. Admittedly, this isn’t the first product we’ve seen with attention to such details. Still, it’s definitely nice to see that more companies are paying attention to this aspect of their formulas.

Enfamil PREMIUM Non-GMO Infant Formula

Another company that pays a lot of attention to the authentic feeling and taste of their product. Enfamil have been working quite hard to replicate the properties of natural breast milk. For example, the formula contains roughly the same proportions of DHA and inositol as regular breast milk does. The company has reportedly put a lot of work into replicating the original taste as well.

This formula is suitable for babies 0-12 months old. This separates them from some other products in the same class which may limited to the first 3 months of the baby’s life. If your baby has issues with fussiness or gases, the company has a special offer to address those specifically too. But for most parents’ needs, this version should work just perfectly.

The Best Organic Baby Formula Depends On Your Child And Your Concerns

While this list is made up of the top brands, you will still want to do some additional research. Each baby has different needs. You may even want to consult a specialist first. Regardless of which organic baby formula you choose, we wish the good health and happiness for your newest bundle of joy!

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