Best Organic Mineral Makeup for Acne Prone Skin

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In the spirit of going green, organic minerals have become popular and everyone, including celebrities, seems to be jumping on its bandwagon. With the growing interest in safe, organic, and natural products, the switch from conventional to the organic mineral cosmetics is continuously growing. So, is it worth it?

Organic mineral makeup is a timeless beauty secret that is right for everyone. The makeup gives a deep cleansing action and naturally looking skin. Additionally, organic makeup not only hides skin imperfections and severe acne, but also heals the skin when you wear it. If your skin is prone to acne, this post is something to be excited about, so read on.

Our list consists of the TOP organic mineral makeup brands and/or products that work to prevent and heal acne prone skin hence rewarding you with an airbrushed, superb, and lasting impression. Unlike the ordinary makeups that contain chemicals with damaging effects on the skin, organic minerals have no parabens, talc, harmful colorants, talc, powder fillers or bismuth oxychloride. Moreover, they have medicinal, rejuvenating, and moisturizing effects.

*This post has been updated In 2018 since makeup is constantly changing! This post is for mineral foundation. If you are looking for organic liquid foundation,

Best Organic Mineral Makeup for Acne Prone Skin

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base

This is one of my best foundations ever! The pressed formula offers a full coverage as it is highly pigmented and you’ll never need another concealer! It comes in a compact organizer and is great for long wear. Not to mention it’s also affordable. Jane Iredale beauty products can also be found on our best organic makeup brands post.

jane iredale amazon

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF 15

laura mercier minderal powder spf 15

This brand’s foundation incorporates Pearl Powders that leave your skin glowing and looking airbrushed—it’s simply amazing! However, it does not provide a full coverage and hence not ideal for the hyper-pigmented acne scars. Highly recommended for people with blemish-free or little acne-prone skin. Furthermore, the finish is extremely light.

Alima Satin Matte Mineral Foundation

This is one of my favorite brands. This is because its mineral foundation is incredibly creamy and non-irritating. However, the foundation does not provide full coverage; just light to medium coverage. It’s definitely worth trying. They have locations all over the world, such as Australia, US, and Canada.

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Mineral Therapy Acne Treatment

faerie organics acne treatment

Say goodbye to sever acne and blemishes with this amazing mineral makeup formula from Faerie.  The product calms acne-prone skin, leaving your skin naturally fresh and glowing. The formula contains a winning combination for the best acne fighters as well as organic almond meal cleansing clay properties that gently absorb oil and toxins to treat the skin, naturally reducing inflammation and redness. This is certainly one of the top of the list for the defense against acne!

Clear & Fresh Acne Astringent Toner

eve organics renewal towner

This organic mineral formula from Eve Organics Beauty is a gentle and powerful acne fighting astringent that blends organic Aloe Vera, black willow bark, organic fruit extracts, therapeutic grade essential oils of tea tree, and the naturally derived hydroxies exfoliate for a balanced skin tone and acne healing.

After cleansing, the makeup closes pores and adjusts the skin’s PH as a day-to-day regimen. For a clearer complexion, use this formula with the rest of the product line.

eve organics amazon

Everyday Minerals Formula

everyday minerals foundation

This organic mineral makeup consists of pressed powder foundation that is simply perfect for any acne prone skin. The powder is completely non-irritating and provides a full and long lasting coverage without looking cake-y or powdery. The setting is color correcting and great for dark under eye circles. Furthermore, the matte finishing gives the skin complexion a gorgeous photo-ready look.

everyday minerals amazon

Gaya Mineral Foundation

gaya mineral foundation

This organic mineral foundation from Gaya Mineral Makeup & Cosmetics tops our list as the best in class for acne prone skin. The formula is a 100% natural mineral powder foundation that contains gentle, highest quality minerals that helps your skin to look and feel gorgeous. The formula boasts a 4 in 1 multipurpose foundation, concealer, natural sunscreen, and powder all in one.

In addition, the product is made of pure, natural minerals without any harmful chemicals—parabens, preservatives, mineral oil, fragrance, and other artificial ingredients. The makeup does not dry the skin or clog pores since it does not contain Talc or mineral oil, which dries the skin or prevents it from breathing.

Gaya’s mineral makeup and foundation is therefore ideal for acne-prone, sensitive, and irritated skin. Its unique mix of rich minerals; such as iron oxide and zinc oxide, enhances the product’s ability to prevent breakouts and calm skin conditions like severe acne, rosacea, and seborrhea.

Gaya Cosmetics is based in the UK but also ships internationally.

Bare Mineral’s Original Foundation

original bare minerals foundation

The brand’s foundation comes in a great range of colors—over 20 shades to choose from. The loose formula provides enough coverage to mask acne and other blemishes. Plus, being one of the most popular and easily available mineral brands on the market, you’ll definitely fall in love with it. The other must-haves for the brand include Well-rested Eye Brightener, Handy Buki Brush, and Tinted Mineral Veil.

Cover FX Powder FX Mineral Blotting Powder Foundation

pressed mineral foundation

Cover FX is a renowned brand for sensitive or easily irritated skin. However, unlike most foundations that offer full coverage, Cover FX only provides medium and deep coverage. The product is available in most stores. Whats great about this product is you can usually find it in your local drugstore.

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Pur Minerals Pressed Powder Foundation

pur minerals powder foundation

Pur Minerals has been effective in removing blemishes and apparently it has worked for the majority of people with acne-prone skin. Additionally, the mineral brand is stocked at most local stores and it’s quite pocket friendly.

Organic Mineral Makeup Base

organic mineral makeup base

This foundation from Clear Skin Minerals truly does make a difference! It’s certainly your healthy skin mineral for sensitive and acne-prone skin as it offers great and noticeable results in no time. The brand has a wide selection of cosmetics to help you mask your blemishes. From foundation, radiance powders, acne treatments, to acne makeup, the choice is all yours.

Wholesale Organic Mineral Makeup Brands For Acne Prone Skin

Looking for wholesale organic mineral makeup brands? Some I have come in contact with include 100% Pure, Clear Skin Minerals, Monave, and Essential Wholesale.

Why These Organic Makeup Brands Made The List

There are so many reasons why I highly recommend the above organic mineral makeup for your everyday use. Here are a few:


Organic mineral makeup is best for the most sensitive skin including acne prone skins and those who have gone through intensive beauty treatments, such as chemical peels. Most organic mineral makeups are non-irritating and hence perfect for acne prone skin—like mine!


Genuinely organic mineral makeup uses simple natural ingredients compared to the ordinary foundations that contain scary chemicals like parabens and preservatives.


Since most organic mineral makeups provide full coverage, users don’t have to use a separate concealer to help them mask their blemishes. All you have to do is increase the amount/intensity of your makeup, whether powder or foundation, over the blemished area.


From powders to foundations, organic mineral makeup is easy to work with. With the right brushes, application becomes easier and neater than the conventional makeups. Furthermore, since one application lasts long—an entire day, you won’t have to carry it around for a touch up later.

When used consistently, the above organic mineral makeups:

  • Naturally restore and rejuvenate acne prone skin
  • Have anti-aging and oxidant protective layer that keeps your skin looking younger
  • Have lasting moisturizing, anti-oxidant, and anti-aging effect that keeps the skin’s sub-dermic layer young by preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

Bonus Tip: If you are looking for an affordable, natural, acne-fighting mineral foundation, but are not hard set on having it be organic, check out Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral Powder.

Organic Mineral Makeup Conclusion

The market is flooded with any new cosmetic products that are being promoted as organic. Be careful since not all organic mineral makeup is all that natural. While some of the labels may look good, it’s recommended that you read through all the ingredients to ensure they are truly natural.

For more information on beauty and healthy living naturally, check out our subsequent posts for more on the benefits of natural and/or organic mineral products. Such as our post, “5 Best Organic Face Washes for Acne Prone Skin” found

What is organic mineral makeup do you use to fight off acne? Give us your reviews, I’d love your feedback!