Olive Oil for Lice- Head lice is a creepy crawling creature that clings to the hair strands and can cause an embarrassing situation for anyone. It is as small as a size of a sesame seed but this tiny creature has the potential to proliferate in an individual’s head. It multiplies quickly and become blood sucking critters. Kids are the most common victims of head lice.

The worst part is these nasty creatures sucks blood four to five times a day that can create an awkward and irksome ordeal for many.

For most of you, the use of anti-lice shampoo would be the best way to treat head lice. However, did you ever think of the chemicals and pesticides this shampoo contains? How much will it effect your kid?

The chemicals are too harsh that it can kill a parasite. Imagine what happens when the anti-
lice shampoo comes in contact with the body. It can leave the traces of pesticides on the body being used in the shampoo.

The use of anti-lice shampoo should be the lender of the last resort. Otherwise, there are many ways to treat head lice naturally without the use of anti-lice shampoo.

Now many people search for home remedies to treat head lice at home rather than using any chemically treated shampoos.

The best homemade treatment to kill head lice is using olive oil for lice.

What is Olive Oil?

Olive oil is obtained from the olive tree, that is generally grown-up in the Mediterranean Basin. This oil is extensively consumed across the globe particularly in cooking, pharmaceuticals, soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, hair and skin care products. Like you know, many people rave about its benefits for skin and hair.

How Is It Obtained?

To obtain the olive oil, olives are crushed and mechanical or chemical processes are utilized to extract the oil from olives. For years, this oil is commercially sold and assigned different grades.

You may have seen extra virgin olive oil in stores. That is the highest grade of olive oil which has a superior taste and aroma. Extra virgin refers that no chemical processes were used to produce the oil.

Olive Oil for Lice Treatment

Advocates of natural remedies promote the benefits that can be derived from the topical application of olive oil. This oil works well as a smothering agent to treat head lice infestation through asphyxiation.

Covering the hair with a slimy, greasy substance like olive oil for smothering the head lice can be an effective way to get rid of head lice. This process can take time or may be overnight.

Olive oil for lice can be extremely helpful to purge out pesky lice. Coating the hair generously with olive oil results in suffocating the parasites that kill them effectively.

After applying olive oil, it becomes easy to remove the lice from hair. Move the nit comb or fine-toothed comb while you have applied the olive oil on scalp for at least two to three hours in a generous amount. Just be careful of the spilling or trickling of olive oil from the head.

It requires several treatments to completely eradicate head lice. A single olive oil treatment to kill head lice is not enough. Perform several olive oil treatments until you can’t spot any more lice in the head.