The modern lifestyle of individuals has changed the way people think, eat and work. In the past, the fruits and vegetables were grown in own gardens as people used to prefer homegrown vegetables and fruits. But now the time has changed and so as we. Now it has become a norm to buy groceries from a store rather than growing in your own courtyard.

Likewise, in the past, getting up early in the morning was a habit whereas now waking up all night and sleeping in the morning is pretty common amongst the youngsters. These changing habits have also changed the way our brain processes.

Perhaps, the modern lifestyle adopted by the majority of the people is causing a considerable change in the structure and formation of our brains. Our eating and consumption habits are varied and that is why there are more diseases erupted than before. That is also the reason, that now we see the loss of mental sharpness as we are growing old.

You can read some of the less known facts about your brain and the effect of everyday life on our brains.

1-Brains Are Getting Smaller

Research studies have proven this point that over the time our brains are considerably getting smaller. Even the research studies have revealed that the size of the average human brain is shrinking over the years. Your brain has the capacity to store unlimited information. The storage capacity of the brain is believed to be unlimited. However, it depends on how much information it can retain.

2-IQ Level Of Individuals Has Reduced Overtime

The researchers have also divulged that people are now getting dumb as compared to the past as the IQ level in the Victorian era was high with 1.6 points and now it is down to 13.35 points. This shows a significant loss of brain overall.

3-Multitasking Reduces Productivity

Many experts tend to support multitasking. However, the fact is that multitasking reduces the productivity of an individual and results in less efficiency and production. This is for the reason, that multitasking decreases the attention span of an individual as he or she may rapidly need to switch between multiple tasks. Overall, this behavior decreases learning process and reduces performance. It also may lead to short-term memory issues.

One of the examples of multitasking is downloading and playing mobile games or apps while eating food. Apk download games have become pretty easy to download on just few clicks. When someone visits the play store and search Ac Market Apk Download, they will download the games and start playing while doing tons of stuff alongside such as talking, eating or watching TV. This overall makes the brain lethargic that ultimately reduces the productivity of an individual.

4-Attention Span Of Individuals Is Reducing

The effects of modern lifestyle are already prevalent in the millennials. Some of the most casual behavior is forgetting what day it is or not remembering where they put the keys. This behavior is more common in millennials as compared to the baby boomers. Astonishingly, The attention span of a person in 2000, was 12 seconds. However, lately, this stat has been down to 8 seconds.

Even the goldfish has a span time of 9 seconds which is unfortunately, greater than the human beings. Despite these facts, some of the people still consider that human brain is getting sharper with the passage of time as now it can develop and work on more complex and modern technologies.

5-Dieting Potentially Damage The Brain

In this modern era, many individuals especially females wanted to shed extra pound for which they prefer dieting. However, they are not aware of the fact that dieting is potentially damaging their brain by not providing enough oxygen.

6-Brain Requires Energy

The brain consumes the largest part of energy produced by your body so when you starve, the brain cells cannibalize to generate more energy to defend against the starvation.  So this cycle continues to operate and causes damages to the brain cells.