A toothache can be one of the most painful experience that anyone can go through at any point in life. It is important to get some practical knowledge on how to help yourself out when faced with this kind of excruciating pain. You may have to say goodbye to peace of mind and happy eating since the pain won’t give you room for that. But the emergency toothache relief remedies can help you to deal with such unwanted discomfort.

Emergency Toothache Relief

Here are some of the best remedies one can try out in an attempt to reduce a toothache immediately;

1Use Of Over The Counter Painkillers

To immediately get rid of a toothache you can try over the counter medicines for tooth pain. Examples of such tooth pain relief medicines include Tylenol and Advil. You should also take time to consult a medical expert or a professional dentist to consult for the medication.

2Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth

For an immediate emergency toothache relief, you can also try toothpaste formulated especially for sensitive teeth. These kind of toothpaste are easily available in the market. Sensodyne, Colgate Sensitivity, and Oral care are some of the commonly known Sensitive toothpaste. The additional fluoride and minerals give strength to the exposed root and make it less sensitive to temperature. These kind of toothpastes are formulated to be gentle compared with other types of toothpaste when used for cleaning the teeth. Frequently brush your teeth using any of them to avoid any visit to the medical expert.

3Use Of Electric Toothbrush

The most common cause of tooth pain comes from tooth decay resulting from a cavity created in the tooth. A cavity is developed when bacteria in the mouth act on the sugars and starch that comes from the food that you eat. If the teeth are not thoroughly cleaned then these bacteria will produce acids that are responsible for weakening the enamel and causing cavity within the tooth. A tooth cavity is a hole in the enamel resulting from these.

Electric toothbrush can help you to clean the teeth well. Philps Sonicare and Oral B have a variety of electric toothbrushes. But since it is an expensive investment for your dental care so you should first check Sonicare or Oral B which one is better? By buying the right toothbrush for your dental care regime you can just avoid a toothache in a long time.

4Floss After Every Meal

Some small pieces of food may hide in between your gums and the tooth, which might result in some kind of pain.  Be careful in cleaning your teeth and remove the food pieces by flossing after every meal. Sometimes a piece of food might stick and cause discomfort or pain in the tooth. For an immediate relief, you can do flossing and gargle with water afterward.

5Apply A Cold Compress

A cold compress is also an effective way to reduce a toothache. When you apply an ice pack on the side of cheek where a toothache is being felt, pain is relieved which will also reduce any inflammation and swelling. The ice pack or cold compress helps the blood vessels constrict in the area thus making it an emergency toothache relief remedy. A cold compress helps to make a toothache less painful.

Toothaches can be caused by a number of reasons. But if the proper care is taken, then you don’t need to deal with any sensitivity or a toothache in a long time. Mostly, the pain will subside within 3 days of proper care and medication. But most importantly always keep appointments with your dentist just to be sure.