Brain exercises can be a great way to boost your mental capabilities and potential. Many people are not aware of the fact that one should keep doing different kinds of brain exercises to increase their brain power and potency. If you are one of those then don’t worry as today, we are going to discuss some of the best fun brain exercises that are easy and interesting at the same time. These exercises will help to boost the brain functions by pushing the brain to get out of the way and think beyond the horizon.

1-Brush Your Teeth With Non-Dominant Hand

The cortex in brain process and controls the information related to your hand. So in order to do a brain exercise try out this simple exercise in the morning. When you get up, brush your teeth with the non-dominant hand. For instance, if you brush teeth with the right hand then change the hand and brush your teeth with the left hand. Likewise, open the toothpaste cap with the left hand. By doing this your brain will be focusing more on your movements as you typically don’t brush your teeth with the left hand.

2-Brain Exercises In The Shower

While taking shower, close your eyes and feel your skin. Your closed eyes will focus more on the senses and will send the signals to the brain to think more tactile. You can also do the brain exercise by locating the taps and adjusting the water temperature in the shower with closed eyes.

3-Improve Your Sensing Senses

Keep your favorite essence, perfume or fragrance along with your bedside. So, when you wake up in the morning, refresh your brain by sniffing the fragrance. Repeat the exercise when you change the dress or before taking bath. You can also perform exercises by guessing different scents while keeping the eyes shut.

4-Brain Workout In The Supermarket

When you visit a supermarket, you generally look for the stuff that you are interested in buying, put it in the basket, pay for it and leave. Break your routine by going to the supermarket and see what products are available. Every time you visit the supermarket remembers to search 3 new things in every aisle, pick it up, read the ingredients and think over its benefits and uses. It’s not necessary to buy everything rather you are using your brain to analyze the things closely that you never focus on.

5-Eat Variety Of Food & Cuisines

Eat food that is unfamiliar to your senses. Your thinking ability will boost when you eat food that is not familiar to your taste buds. The new seasoning, flavors, and aroma will bring new experiences and tastes that will be sending messages to the brain regarding the food items. Your brain will feel whether the food is tasty or not? Does it smell good? And how it looks?

Choose from a different cuisine and try out the new cuisines to enhance your taste buds. Such exercises are a great way to make your brain do things that it is not habitual to do.