Weed is a slang name for marijuana which is the most commonly used drugs in the world. The first time smokers or individuals, who want to pass out the drug test, frequently ask that how long weed stays in their hair? Frequent and first-time smokers tend to be worried about the drug tests, but before taking the drug test, it is important to know how long does weed stay in your hair?

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Hair?

According to the report devised by the National Drug Court Institute (NDCI) an individual can test positive for approximately 1 to 3 days after smoking weed. The hair drug test was initiated in order to determine the long-term use of drugs instead of one time or infrequent use.

Prior to the drug test, you should know that how long traces of marijuana takes to flush out of the body completely? This helps to significantly improve the chances of getting a negative result in the drug test. If you have smoked weed in the past two to three days then the positive results are predictable as the traces of drugs remains in a person’s body for some time even after consuming the drug.

How long does weed stay in your hair follicle?

A hair follicle test can detect the use of marijuana even after seven to ten days. However, infrequent users or people who have smoked weed for only once are less expected to test positive in hair follicle test.  So, if you only smoked once, then the chances are that you will test negative in hair follicle test.

How long does weed stay in your saliva?

The saliva test is also conducted for detecting the use of drugs. Marijuana can easily be detected within 24 hours. Some advance laboratory tests can even deduct the traces of marijuana in saliva for up to 3 days. However, in the US the saliva test is not acceptable owing to the unreliable results of Saliva test for weed.

How to detox for a drug test?

It cannot be exactly determined that how long does weed stay in your system because the presence of weed varies from person to person and it also depends whether a person is frequent, infrequent, or first time user.

On a friendly note, the next time when you have a drug test; avoid smoking weed at least a week before the drug test. In a research study, it was revealed that an individual tends to get positive results if he has smoked weed one week before the test. However, a heavy smoker may even test positive after ten days of smoking weed.

Use Medical Grade Hair Detoxification Shampoo

It is relatively not possible to chuck out the drug metabolites from the hair shaft core. The shampoos and cleaners cannot scrub out or bleach the hair to remove traces of weed in the hair. But there are hair detoxification shampoos available that are medically graded and help in removing traces of drugs from your hair.

Hair detoxification shampoo is acidic that was developed to destroy and eliminate the toxic metabolites without causing any damage to the hair. This detoxification shampoo can help you to remove the traces, but it cannot guarantee you that you will get negative results after using detoxification shampoo.

If you have to take a drug test, then you should keep this in mind that the drug tests can detect the use of marijuana or weed for as old as a year. Some scientist even claims that if you have used weed a year back, the drug test can even detect it. So keep things simple and always remember how long does weed stay in your hair before taking the drug test.