How to Embrace Your Body

how to embrace your body

Image! Image! Image! Doesn’t it seem that these days it’s how you look that matters more than who you are? Sadly, it is true, and the explosion of the fitness industry and the way it is portrayed within the various media outlets plays an influential, and sometimes destructive role in the lives of thousands; if not millions of people world-wide.

Every day; whether it’s through social media, tabloids or television broadcasts, the bombardment of messages like “Build a BIGGER BUM today”, “Get your six pack NOW!”, and “LOSE your love handles quickly” continues, and it becomes more apparent that there is an ill obsession with changing the way we look.

Whilst the world’s interest in the health and fitness industry has grown over the past years, it has spun out of control, and the focus is aimed too much towards looking like a cover model or pro competitor.

What Is The Reality?


The reality is however; that the majority of time the body images portrayed in the fitness industry are unrealistic and achievable by a minority of people.

What’s even more worrying, is that certain areas within the industry are cashing in on this fascination. Fad diets, exhaustive training, and supplementation pushing are all examples of this fact. It seems like you can get a pill or cream for anything these days, sold along with the false promise of it making you a better person.

I myself have fallen victim to this way of thinking. For years and years I loathed the way I looked, always striving for something more – I certainly didn’t embrace my own body. It started with losing a little weight, but slowly snowballed, and before I knew it I found myself depressed and generally an unhappy person.

I found myself in the gym 7 days a week, 2-3 hours daily, eating bland boiled foods and sometimes starving myself sick. Buying needless supplements and avoiding social interaction with my friends. And all for what? The hope that I would one day have an “8 pack” and good set of “guns” because that’s why the fitness industry is right? Sadly, there are a lot of people in the same situation as I was once in, and I feel for those people.

You see, if we are always trying to be something or someone else, how can we truly be ourselves? All of this pressure from the media and society in general is making us unhappy and infatuated with a body and lifestyle that we may never be able to poses.

Life is for living and enjoying, and should never be defined by your body. Once you learn to embrace your body you will become empowered and start to love yourself. And with that love comes the freedom to enjoy life for what it is.
Remember, bodies come in all shapes and sizes, there is not one glove that fits all, and beauty really is in the eye of the beholder; not the eye of the media.

In order for you to embrace your body and learn to love it, there are a few things you can do.

How To Embrace Your Body

Firstly, take pride in your best features and learn to love them. Everyone has their strengths and it’s all about being proud of what you have, and showing it. Maybe you are naturally a curvy lady; you should flaunt it and be proud of it. Hold your head high and be confident in doing so. People will notice this change in your attitude and compliments will come flooding in.

Wear What You Like


Don’t hide away under baggy and drab clothes that in reality, you don’t really like. Dress the way you want to dress and be confident about doing so. Also try to accentuate your best assets through the way you dress. This will give you an instant confidence boost which will be sure to turn heads.

Be Realistic In Your Fitness Goals

fitness goals

Unless you want to be a professional in the fitness industry, forget all the cover model physiques and ripped torsos; achieving something that dramatic is a full time job.

Let’s face it, the majority of us just want to stay healthy and enjoy ourselves and our lives with friends and family.
If you still want to lose a bit of weight or “shape up” a little then that’s fine, but set yourself small achievable goals that will keep you motivated during rough times so that you can achieve them. Remember that consistency is the key.

Be Yourself


Relax and be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, most of the time it’s obvious. Your character is what defines you, not your body, so show off your witty side and intellect and feel comfortable in doing so. If you can be at ease with yourself you are likely to put other at ease around you.

Look After Your Body And It Will Look After You

look after your body

Treat your body with respect and nurture. It’s a delicate thing that requires attention, so give it some. Once you start to look after your body, you will feel healthier and more alive than ever.

Try to make healthy food choices and avoid the junk. By supplying your body with good nutritious foods you can literally transform yourself from the inside, out.

The difference food can make is tremendous. You will start to notice you have more energy than ever, your skin may become clearer, and it can help you to lose weight if that’s what you desire. Your mood will improve and you will become happier and content with life. Then one day, you will wake up and it will hit you – something has changed.

A Final Note

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So take some time out and away from the media. You will learn pretty quickly that you are beautiful, and by loving yourself and embracing your body you can live a happier, more enjoyable life.

We’re all beautiful people put on this earth to embrace life and enjoy it. So let’s do just that.