Daniel Radcliffe is not tall — he’s around 5’5″.

He knows well that he is under six feet and still thinks he is well with his height. Six feet is believed to be the ideal height in the US and he fell half foot shorter. But still, doesn’t bother about it.

However, there are many people in the world who are not happy with their short stature. They wanted to grow a couple of inches taller but feel hopeless to see that both their parents are not tall enough. They lose hope and become depressed but little they know that there are chances to grow taller at any age even if your parents are shorter.

How To Grow Taller?

If you are looking for ways of how to grow taller to increase your height, then try these 23 absolute killer natural ways to reach your maximum height. Learn how to grow taller naturally fast to become taller and smarter.

1-Maintain A Balanced Diet

Eat a balanced & nutritious diet comprising of proteins, carbohydrates, green leafy vegetables, vitamin C enriched fruits, calcium and vitamin food. To achieve your maximum potential, include the following in your diet,

  • Turnips, Brussel sprouts, lady finger, broccoli, spinach, soybeans and beans
  • Oranges, grapefruit, banana, lemon
  • Indian ginseng (Ashwagandha)
  • Milk, cheese, yogurt, cereals, oatmeal
  • Chicken, beef, fish, meat

2-How To Grow Taller By Playing Sports?

Playing sports actively helps you to increase flexibility, strength, and vigor in your body. Few of the sports that are known to be good for accelerating height growth are,

  • Swimming: It can yield fruitful results if you start swimming from an early age (starting from 12 years to 16 years). Swimmers tend to have better height and posture than the non-swimmers.
  • Leaping: Leaps can also be a way to increase height if you jump daily for a prolonged period. Just pushing yourself off the ground will not help. You will need power jumps like get low and explode with full power.
  • Skipping: If you want to grow vertically, then start skipping from a low note. Starting from 50 skips a daygradually move to 300 skips. It requires consistency to see an increase of an inch or two in height. It also helps to improve spine and posture.
  • Basketball: You can also opt for basketball exercises to get taller. You can see basketball players are usually taller in height since they start playing basketball in teenage.

3-How To Grow Taller By Performing Sprinting?

Sprinting is a vigorous intensity exercise and can help you to learn how to grow taller naturally. It is an effective exercise if you want to know how to grow taller for teens. It is more powerful and faster than simply running. Sprinting Exercise is another great way to help the human growth hormone to function properly.

  • Sprinting is when a runner maintains his full speed.
  • A person becomes fatigue that is why it is done in short spurts.
  • By running fast, the blood flow and circulation improve that leads to bones lengthening hence, remodeling.

4-Best Exercises To Grow Taller

Scientific research divulged that there are many exercises that make you taller such as stretching and sprinting can aid in an increase in the height of an individual by 3 inches if the stretching exercises and sprinting are done on a frequent and regular basis.

  • Do bridge stretches to get taller
  • Do cobra stretches
  • Perform hip flexor growth stretches

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5-Height Growth Pills For Men

In a quest to learn how to grow taller, many people are attracted towards ways to grow taller such as the use of height increasing pills and supplements. In order to gain height, you should avoid grow taller pills supplements that are not approved by FDA. If you want to know how do you get taller overnight? then it is better to follow other tips for instant results.

6-Keep An Eye On Your Weight

Body weight also affects the height growth of a human being. So, maintaining an ideal weight is important if you are looking to get taller naturally.

  • Calculate your BMI to see if you are underweight, fit or overweight.
  • You can check out this link to calculate your BMI score.
  • Simply put your age, gender, height, weight and then press “Calculate“.
  • On the right hand, you can see the result that will determine in which category do you lie,

– Underweight = <18.5
– Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
– Overweight = 25–29.9
– Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

7-Make Your Meal Healthy

Eat healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner that must be full of essential nutrients. Your breakfast should encompass carbohydrates, proteins, and calcium. Don’t rely on how to grow taller supplements that are available in the market.

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8-Exercise With Empty Stomach Can Be Dangerous

There are many grow taller exercises for boys and girls. But remember, never do exercise on an empty stomach as it could be potentially dangerous for you.

  • Eating eggs, oatmeal, soy milk is perfect for breakfast.
  • Studies show that munching something before doing exercise can significantly enhance exercise endurance.

9-Take Sunlight For Height Growth

Apart from genetics, there are few external stimuli that affect the growth of an infant. Sunlight provides vitamin D in its natural form that has proved to shown significant results for gaining height. The effects of absorbing sunlight from an early age have shown on average 1.7cms taller height in research conducted in Spain.

  • You should sit in sunlight every day for few minutes to absorb the vitamin D in its natural form.
  • Remember to apply sunblock before going in the sun otherwise, you will get a tan, and your skin may burn.
  • Avoid the sun during peak hours such as in the noon.

10-Consume Products Made Up Of Milk

Drinking milk does not guarantee height increase. It is just a way to get the essential nutrients in your body. As everyone knows that milk is the best source of calcium so it is recommended to drink milk in order to give your body enough calcium for the development of bones. You can further help your body and muscles to grow stronger by consuming dairy products.

  • Consuming dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, and ice cream can be a rich source of calcium.
  • People who are lactose intolerant can switch to leafy vegetables, nuts,poultry, and meat.

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11-Zinc Deficiency Can Be Dangerous

The lack of zinc can be fatal. One of the shortcomings that a person may face due to the lack of zinc is stunted growth. Some people want to know how to grow taller fast for kids? In order to supplement height growth, consume the best food to help kids grow taller. Food items that contain zinc include peas, eggs, asparagus, and chocolates.

  • A research study has shown that supplementing school kids with zinc along with a multivitamin has proven height increase in school going kids.
  • It is an essential micronutrient that is required for the body to perform several biological processes.
  • It is found in a protein enriched food mainly in meat, fish, shellfish, and oysters, etc.

12-Eat Spinach For Boosting HGH

Spinach can also help to offer energy and boost body functionality leading to increased production of human height growth hormone.

  • It is rich in iron that helps to make fresh blood in the body.
  • It is also a rich source of fibers, calcium, and vitamins that can help to promote height.

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13-Consume Lysine Supplements

Lysine supplements are a great source of energy and development. Consuming such items that contain a high amount of lysine can help you to increase height naturally.

  • Lysine is an amino acid that is mainly found in nuts.
  • It helps the body to absorb calcium and helps in the formation of collagenthat is present in bones, muscles, tendons and cartilages.

14-How To Grow Taller Faster By Performing Yoga Exercises

Yoga exercise helps to improve posture, and it also aids in stretching the spine so one can increase height by a couple of inches. If you want to learn how to grow taller overnight, then it is not possible.

Deep breathing is one of the yoga exercises to get taller fast as it helps to flush fresh oxygen in the body leading to a reduction in pain, muscles, and stiffness of the body. Moreover, following yoga poses are known to be helpful in increasing height in a natural manner without any medication.

  • Sun Salutation
  • Pleasant Pose
  • Mountain Pose
  • Cat Pose
  • Triangle Pose
  • Tree Pose

15-Wear High Heels Or Elevator Shoes

Many people who are in search of how to grow 4 or 5 inches taller after puberty can go for easy ways to get taller. So, in order to add temporary inches to your height, you can wear heels or shoes with extra high soles. This gives the impression of a taller stature.

  • Walking in heels or elevator shoes is not simple.
  • You may need the practice to wear heels or elevator shoes.
  • If you feel pain while wearing heels or elevator shoes, then dip your feet in warm water for the pain relief.
  • You can also put some talcum powder in the shoes to make them comfortable.

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16-Don’t Consume Caffeinated Beverages

Consumption of caffeine can negatively impact your health, so it is optimum to restrict the use of caffeine. Though there is no such evidence that proves caffeine stunts growth but if you want to increase your height naturally then shift towards more healthy options. Caffeine has not shown any effect in growing teens bone gain or bone density.

  • Restrict the consumption of sodas, coffee, and energy drinks.
  • Also, avoid drugs as they harm the functions of your internal organs.
  • Avoid nicotine and alcohol as well.

17-Correct Your Posture

Carrying correct posture is of significant importance. Improper posture can halt the height growth process. It can also lead to other physical complexities.

  • While walking keep your shoulders backpush your chest out and suck your stomach in for a perfect posture.
  • Try to keep your spine upright while sitting.
  • Also avoid sitting in a crooked position.

18-Stay Away From Growth Inhibitors

There are many elements that can affect the growth and development of your body. These elements are pretty common in the market nowadays. Many of us, don’t even realize that we are putting our health at risk while indulging in such products that can have an effect on the growth of our body and organs.

Use of alcohol, steroids or even smoking at any early age can be potentially damaging to the body. This can also result in stunt growth.

Malnutrition also leads to different problems related to health and development of the body.

19-Include Soybean In Your Diet

Soybean is rich in protein and can provide you with enough energy that helps to makes your bone stronger. This is one cheap remedy if you are looking for ways of how can you get taller naturally at home.

  • Consume handful of soybeans daily to fulfill the energy requirement of your body that will, in turn, helps you to get taller faster.

20-Eat Yogurt Daily

A yogurt is a healthy option that comes with immense benefits for the body. It offers a rich amount of calcium and Vitamin D, both of which are known for their benefits for stronger bones and healthier body.

  • Daily consumption of yogurt in summers can save you from many ailments. It also treats bacteria and infections that are caused due to the external environment.

21-Maintain Ideal Weight

Obese people tends to look shorter so it is important to maintain an ideal weight to make your appearance attractive.

  • Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) to see if you have an ideal weight according to your height or not.
  • If not then hit the gym and try to follow an exercise routine to shed the extra pounds.
  • In addition to this, also eat mindfully and keep the track of your diet to avoidjunk meals and fatty food contents.

22-How Can You Grow Taller By Swimming?

Swimming is a great way for the exercise of your muscles. It is a great exercise for someone who is looking for ways to how to grow taller fast for teenagers. Swimming is amongst the best grow taller exercises for teenagers as it can help a person to maximize his height. Many people are not aware of this activity which helps a lot in gaining extra inches in height.

  • People who want to know how to grow taller faster should swim an hour or two every day.
  • Join a swimming club and learn swimming from a swimming coach to master the strokes.
  • This activity, if continued from an early age can help to gain height in the future.

23-Keep Your Immune System Strong

A healthy body will grow aptly. A strong immune system contributes to keep your body safe from diseases. For instance, any virus or infection that attacks the body may cause stunt growth. Sometimes malnutrition also affects the height growth. Thereby, keep your immune system stronger by consuming food that boosts your immune power.

  • Avoid unprocessed food and switch to whole grain.
  • Vitamin C is necessary to make your body internally stronger. You can take fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C such as oranges, lemon, grapefruit, etc.
  • Omega 3 and antioxidants are great for boosting body immunity. You can consume fish, cheese, milk, fruits and vegetables to provide necessary nutrients to the body.