The Kettlebell Swing: Why it’s the Best Exercise you can Possibly Do

Exercise, it turns out, involves well…exercising. If you’ve made a commitment to yourself to start exercising and it’s been a while, first of all, good for you! Exercise is amazing and totally pertinent for the best health possible. You’re about to find out that following a normal exercise routine will completely change your life and make you feel like you’ve never felt before.

If you’re new to exercise, or just want to switch up your regular routine a bit, there are some exercises that work better than the others for the results you’re probably looking for. There is one exercise in particular that is quickly becoming the number one exercise of choice for all kinds of different people that are looking for a way to stay in shape. The kettlebell swing is gaining in popularity and there is plenty of reason why.

5 Reasons the Kettleball Swing is the Best Exercise you can Do

1. It Burns A LOT of Calories

Okay, we all know that one of the main reasons we start exercising is to burn calories. If this is what you’re looking to do, look no further than the kettlebell swing. When you do the kettlebell swing with a decent amount of weight, you can expect to burn up to 15-20 calories per minute.

2. Tones and Defines the Upper Back and Shoulders

Want to sculpt your upper back and shoulders? You might find the kettlebell swing to be your prefect companion. Try taking your swing all the way above your shoulders and you’ll find yourself looking the way you want in no time at all. If you’ve got weak shoulders, it’s obviously wise not to go up this high, but if shoulder problems are not something you are struggling with then make sure you get the most out of your swing.

3. It’s Good for your Heart

The kettlebell swing is one exercise that really gets your heart pumping. Bad knees? Forget about the pain associated with running or jogging and discover why this exercise is one of the best for getting in the cardio you need. Using a fairly heavy kettlebell for 20-30 seconds and then resting for the same amount of time will get your heart pumping without having to run an inch.

4. Conditions your Core

Core strength is super important when it comes to good health. Doing kettlebell swings only few times a week will help you strengthen your abs and lower back muscles, which are vital for good core strength. Keeping these muscles strong helps you stabilize the spine and give you the core strength necessary that’s often lost in other forms of exercise.

5. Better for your Back

If you’ve got a bad back, you know how painful a lot of exercises can be. Those that experience lower back pain often get the short end of the stick when it comes to what exercises they can and can’t do. Engaging in the kettlebell swing actually helps reduce the polarity at the L4 and L5, and is totally complementary to helping strengthen these muscles without the pain involved that some other lifting exercises tend to offer.

The Bottom Line

It’s pretty hard to find one exercise that can do everything that the kettleball swing does. It doesn’t require a bunch of different equipment because really all you need is one ball. If you’re thinking this sounds like something you might like to get into, you’ve made a wise decision. The kettlebell swing provides an awesome workout at a fraction of the cost that many other strengthening exercises require.

If you’re getting started it’s wise to know exactly how much weight to use. On the average, a female should start with a 15-20 pound kettlebell, while a male should go up to about 30 pounds or more. Anything less probably won’t give you the results you’re looking for, while more weight than this will be a little overwhelming for your first go. Once you get used to it, you can adjust the weight accordingly to fit your own needs.CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Weight Kettlebell, 35-Pound, Black/Yellow

Deciding to incorporate the kettelbell swing into your life is seriously one of the best things you can possibly do. This is the best exercise that offers a multitude of results in minimum time. If you’re ready to amp up your workout, or even if you’re just getting started, look no further and swing on to the exercise that has everybody talking about it!