These Sulfate Free Conditioner Products Will Drastically Improve Your Hair Almost Instantly

sulfate free conditioner

There have been a lot of controversial debates about whether it is safe to have sulfates in conditioners or not. Not too many people avoid them because they generate a lot of lather, they get the job done and most conditioners contain them. And to top it off, finding a good quality sulfate free conditioner can be hard nut to crack. Nonetheless, as consumers gain more knowledge about various products on the market, contents have become a deciding aspect as to whether somebody buys a particular product or not. Should you be using shampoos or conditioners without sulfate? But before we move further, what exactly are Sulfates and why should you avoid them like the plague?

Sulfates are harmful ingredients that can easily strip your natural hair of its organic oils, color and moisture. The most common types of these chemical are Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. These are usually found in most household cleaning detergents.

This simply means that when you use a conditioner that contains sulfate, you are technically using detergents that use to clean your clothes to wash your hair! As a result you can easily experience breakage, dryness and other damaged hair conditions.

Best Sulfate Free Conditioners List For Healthy Hair Fast

To make your life a bit easier and free of any harmful chemicals, here are 8 sulfate free conditioner brands that will keep your hair feeling moisturized and clean naturally

1. Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner

moroccanoil sulfate free conditioner

The all natural product is not only sulfate free but it also contains 3 important ingredients that help restore damaged hair. The argan oil in the conditioner gives hair a nice and smooth appearance, restores elasticity and fixes brittle hair. Keratin on the other hand strengthens porous and weak hair while Jojoba plants extracts like chomamile, rosemary and lavender nourish and relieve dry hair. It’s also a great choice for color-treated hair as it is paraben free.


  • -Doesn’t contain parabens or phosphates either -No salt or any other harmful preservatives -Ideal for sensitive scalp and skin -Leaves hair smooth and soft -Amazon Choice product


  • -Strong smell (loved by some but too much for others)

2. Biotique Bio Green Apple Fresh Daily Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner

BIO GREEN APPLE Fresh Dailypurifying Shampoo & Conditioner Sulfate Free

If your hair is very oily and you have been looking for a good sulfate free conditioner, this product might just be what you have been looking for. The herbal conditioner is free of any harmful chemicals and is easy on your pocket. It also contains very important ingredients like coconut oil, apple extracts, almond oil, agar-agar, Indian pennywort and Himalayan water. The product is also easy on the skin and can be used regularly.


  • -Contains many natural ingredients that help restore your hair -Affordable -Reduces skin irritation -Can be used regularly


  • -Not ideal for everyone

3. Silk 18 Natural Conditioner by Maple Holistics

silk 18 maple holistics sulfate free conditioner

Natural conditioner by Maple Holistics is one of the best conditioners currently available. It contains 18 silk amino acids that will help get rid of any frizzness, reduce dryness in your hair and leave it feeling silky soft. It also contains botanical keratin that helps strengthen hair and replenish depleted keratin which is a common cause of brittle weak hair. In addition, the product doesn’t contain any synthetic compounds or fragrances. It is just ingredients from nature that will appeal to both men and women.


  • -Affordable -All natural product -No fragrances -Environment friendly -Top seller on Amazon


  • -Might not work for everyone

4. Enjoy Sulfate Free Hydrating Conditioner

sulfate free conditioner enjoy brand

De-tangle your hair and eliminate frizz with this ultra hydrating product that revolutionizes and smoothens hair with its vitalizing oils and botanicals. Suitable for all types of hair but great for curly hair, the conditioner will permeate your hair to add volume and moisturize it, therefore keeping it light and dry while still making it silky smooth.


  • -All natural ingredients that will not harm your hair -Also works with color treated hair


  • -A bit expensive

5. Lacoupe Orgnx Re-balance Conditioner

Lacoupe Orgnx Re-balance Sulfate Free Conditioner

The Lacoupe Orgnx Re-balance Conditioner is a very popular conditioner designed not only for all types of hair but is also gently enough to be used regularly while maintaining moisture balance of the scalp and hair. Additionally, it contains avocado, fenugreek and lime that will nourish your scalp and hair leaving it very hydrated, smelling nice and healthy. It also contains pure moring proteins that help protect hair against harmful UV rays as well as pollution. A similar product we like is Organix Shampoo and Conditioner.


  • -Works well for long-term treatment -Takes a short time to fully eliminate flakes for many -Nourishes and protects hair


  • -Has a weird scent

6. Living Proof No Frizz Discover Set

Living Proof Sulfate Free Conditioner

Living Proof conditioner is very mild, has no harmful chemicals and is designed to gently treat and soothe your hair. It leaves the hair manageable, shiny and soft. Many users have also reported excellent results with this product in their fight against dermatitis and eczema.


  • -Purely organic and natural -Environment friendly


  • -Not suitable for everyone -Has a weird scent

7. DevaCurl One Condition Original Daily Cream Conditioner

Deva Curl No Poo sulfate free conditioner

If you have any hair problem, this is the conditioner for you. It contains many natural but handy ingredients that will help nourish your hair and encourage healthy hair growth. The awesome daily conditioner also helps to gently get rid of any surface dirt. It does this while hydrating and conditioning your hair all without adding any weight. Your curls will be springy and soft with just one application! This is a good buy for anyone looking for an effective yet pocket friendly sulfate free conditioner.


  • -Budget friendly -Effective cleansing and moisturizing -Perfect for thin, limp hair -Great for allergy/sensitive users


  • -Takes some time to notice results

8. A Shea Butter Treatment for Curls – Cantu

conditioning cream sulfate free

Condition, clean, nourish and repair curls with peppermint, keratin, apple cider vinegar and Shea butter that you will find in this conditioner. Did you just dye your hair black or blonde? This is ideal for heat treated, color treated or permed hair. The creme formula also works to remove any impurities in your hair without over stripping. It will re-balance your hair’s moisture naturally leaving it looking healthy, shiny and full of life. Additionally, more sulfate-free products for curly hair in-particular can be found here.


  • -Pleasant scent -Creates shininess and luxury feel smoothness -Users notice results in a very short period -One the most all natural conditioners available -Doesn’t strip hair -Can be used regularly


  • -May not work immediately for everyone

Bottom Line: The Sulfate Free Conditioner Products On This List Have Been Proven To Improve Hair Health

These top conditioners are guaranteed to volumize, soften, repair and nourish even the hardest hair. Whether you searching for a deep conditioner for color or heat damage or a light leave-in conditioner, these 8 products are sure to get you closer there. Nonetheless, regardless of the formula or brand you choose, try to give the conditioner a few days to show some significant benefits and results.

Drugstore brands like Pantene and Tresemme have tried to compete. Although when they contain cheap ingredients such as chloride and silicone your hair will not improve. But if you decide to go for a drugstore brand, Loreal (L’oreal) EverStrong is a top rated choice.

If you don’t see any change after several weeks, you might want to try another product. This is because we have different types of people with different hairs (such as fine hair) and some conditioners might work for some people while some may not. Hopefully this guide on the top Sulfate Free Conditioner helps you make an informed choice!

*Note: These products do contain affiliate links and are available in the US and may not be available in other countries such as the UK, Philippines, or elsewhere. Therefore, you’ll have to do additional research if you live outside the United States.