Top 25 Vegan Pinterest Boards

top 25 vegan pinterest boards

Chances are if you have stopped by this page, you will already be aware of what it means to be a vegan. However, you may just be starting a vegan lifestyle or looking for more information, and at Sound Body Life, we aim to please, so we are going to take a quick look at exactly what veganism is.

According to, veganism is “a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.” This basically boils down to is a plant-based food philosophy, which avoids all foods that are provided by animals, i.e. meat, honey, or eggs. It also means avoiding products like leather or snakeskin and any product tested on animals. Below you can find top 25 vegan Pinterest boards:

1. A Taste of Vegan

1. A Taste of Vegan

With more than 15000 pins added by over 129 contributors, this board is a massive source of information for everything related to veganism. There is a vegan recipe for every occasion.

2. Vegan Tips and Information

2. Vegan Tips and Information

Melinda Amato’s board is full of helpful hints and tips for adapting to a vegan lifestyle, including food substitutions and vegan-friendly baking ingredients.

3. Vegan Friendly Products

3. Vegan Friendly Products

Another popular board with over 60 contributors, it is dedicated to sharing details of vegan-friendly products and where to source them.

4. Vegan Recipes

4. Vegan Recipes

With over 7,000 pins of recipes and more than 56,000 followers, this board allows vegans all over the world to unite and share their delicious recipes.

5. Eco-Vegan Friendly

5. Eco-Vegan Friendly

This board offers an array of vegan-related pins, including quotes, recipes, and promotional material.

6. Vegan Blogs and Websites

6. Vegan Blogs and Websites

If you want to read real-life vegan blogs posts, then stop by this board. Not only does it have pins that link to some awesome vegan blogs, it also has plenty of other useful information about the vegan lifestyle.

7. Vegan Food (Sweet)

7. Vegan Food (Sweet)

Audrey Moreira has two absolutely fantastic Pinterest boards packed with delicious vegan recipes. This one has every sweet vegan food you could ever want. I am definitely adding the Chocolate Cheesecake recipe to my “must bake” list.

8. Vegan Food (Salty)

8. Vegan Food (Salty)

A second board by Audrey Moreira, this has over 6,000 pins of savory vegan foods and recipes, including a delicious-looking vegan jambalaya.

9. Cool Vegan Shoes

9. Cool Vegan Shoes

Stop the press! Who thought vegan could be so sexy? With links to her blog,, Victoria Nied’s board demonstrates that vegans need not compromise on style: it has pins to over 800 vegan-friendly shoes, bags, clothes, and accessories.

10. Gluten-Free Vegan Treats

10. Gluten-Free Vegan Treats

A community board with over 350 contributors, this is the place to come if you are looking for both vegan-friendly and gluten-free recipes.

11. Vegan

11. Vegan

This has over 1,000 pins to beautiful vegan food, recipes, blogs, and other resources. I particularly love “World’s best vegan lattes”.

12. Vegan

12. Vegan

Absolutely stuffed full of delicious recipes that are surprisingly vegan-friendly, including how to make your own mozzarella!

13. Vegan Kids

13. Vegan Kids

A board full of food ideas for your vegan children. There are some really fun and interesting pins, such as fruit necklaces and carrot-dogs!

14. Vegan Lunchbox

14. Vegan Lunchbox

With over 100 different vegan concepts for your lunchbox, this board has heaps of fantastic on-the-go homemade and commercially available snack ideas.

15. Vegan Soups

15. Vegan Soups

More than 40,000 people follow Cecilia Bowerman’s board, with upwards of 800 tasty soup recipes pinned. Who knew that there were such a range of vegan soup possibilities? The recipe for Thai Lemongrass Soup is definitely one to try.

16. Vegan Slow Cooker Recipes

16. Vegan Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow cookers are an amazingly easy way to prepare a meal, and the 24,000 people that follow this board must agree. Being vegan doesn’t mean inconvenience, as these 344 pins for slow cooker and crockpot recipes show.

17. Vegan Sandwiches A-Go-Go!

17. Vegan Sandwiches A-Go-Go!

Everyone loves a good sandwich, so for some vegan-friendly filling inspiration, look no further than this Pinterest board. With everything from a beanball sub to a vegan BLT, there is a delicious filling for everyone.

18. Vegan Kids

18. Vegan Kids

You can never have too many tricks up your sleeve for kids’ mealtimes. This board has some unique vegan-friendly meal tips, including Olive Bumble Bees and Rocket Wraps.

19. Decadent Vegan Cake Recipes

19. Decadent Vegan Cake Recipes

As if the title alone isn’t mouth-watering enough, this board has more than a hundred delicious recipes by The Vegan Cookie Fairy. I am very intrigued by the Grasshopper Pie! Definitely check it out.

20. Vegan Family Meals

20. Vegan Family Meals

With over 1,000 pins of vegan family meal ideas and recipes, this is the board to come to for inspiration. It also has plenty of cooking tips and tricks.

21. Vegan Pie in the Sky

21. Vegan Pie in the Sky

Every sort of vegan-friendly pie you could desire can be found in the recipes on this board. Sweet and savory options are pinned, including some amazing-looking cinnamon-caramel tartlets.

22. Vegan Mainstream

22. Vegan Mainstream

This page has too many brilliant boards from which to choose. Whether you are looking for Thanksgiving meal ideas or vegan-friendly smoothie recipes, Vegan Mainstream has it.

23. Vegan Party Food

23. Vegan Party Food

This board is exactly what it says on the label. It is crammed full of awesome and easy party food recipes and ideas. From Buffalo Cauliflower bites to Lentil Samosas, you will be able to find plenty to keep your party guests’ bellies full.

24. Vegan Tips

24. Vegan Tips

Everything you could want to know about veganism in one handy board, this has plenty of information on vegan products, as well as recipe.

25. Vegan Everything!

25. Vegan Everything!

With more than 6,000 pins of everything vegan from recipes to nutritional information, food that you never thought could be made vegan-friendly is pinned here.

These Pinterest boards represent my Top 25 for the vegan lifestyle and are an ideal source of information, whether you are just starting on your vegan journey or simply looking for some inspirational meal ideas.