30 Plants That Can Detoxify The Air In Your Home

We spend most of our time indoors, either working or just living our everyday lives. Sometimes the air pollution occurring inside can be worse than the pollution that is found outside. You might think that just putting an air purifier in your home will fix the problem, but unfortunately it’s not always that simple. Air-conditioning, purifying and  dehydrating … Read more

Bentonite Clay and Its Uses

If you’ve never heard of bentonite clay before, it might come as a big shock that this healing clay can be taken both internally and externally to give you a ton of amazing benefits. It’s been used for centuries by people around the world as an excellent way to detox the system, and it is quickly … Read more

How to Produce Less Trash

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We’re all pretty familiar by now with the Golden Rule of living a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. Going green has definitely gone mainstream, and it’s easier than ever to lighten our carbon footprint. What about that first one though? You know, the reduce part. How do we even begin to reduce when … Read more

14 Tips for Using Less Plastic

Take a minute to think about the sheer amount of plastic you use every single day. We’re not just talking to plastic bags you get at the grocery store when you forget your reusable bags, but the plastic that is ever-present in so many facets of our reality. Some common items we use every day … Read more

Apple Cider Vinegar Health Uses

Known by some as “nature’s perfect health food,” apple cider vinegar is nothing less than amazing, and every person that cares about taking care of their health naturally should have a bottle on stock at all times. Vinegar has literally been used for centuries for cooking and cleaning, but did you also know that it … Read more

4 Best Air Purifiers of 2019

Investing in a good air purifier is a smart choice, especially if you live in a highly polluted area, have pets in the house, or someone in your home suffers from allergies and/or asthma. But how do you choose the best air purifier for your family? An air purifier, also referred to as an air … Read more

Nature’s Way Review and the Rainforest Alliance Initiative

If you suffer from low energy, frequent illness, or other manifestations of poor health, you likely know how important health is for a happy life. In order to thrive mentally and physically, we need to feel our best. Nature’s Way, a manufacturer of herbal medicines, offers natural supplements for a variety of ailments ranging from … Read more

4 Best Masticating Juicers

If you are a health conscious person, you likely know the importance of eating your fruits and veggies. However, even health conscious people can struggle to get the recommended daily amount of fresh produce. Juicing, extracting juice from fresh produce, is a great way to easily increase your consumption of important vitamin and antioxidant-rich fruits … Read more

Making Your Home Energy Efficient In 2018

Efforts towards energy efficiency never stop, and most homeowners find that there are plenty areas of their home that can be altered and transformed to catapult energy efficiency. From small behavioral changes to larger, home improvement projects, conserving precious resources in your home can be achieved through a variety of means. Regardless of your budget … Read more

How to Make Homemade Shampoo

Here’s How To Make Homemade Shampoo That Actually Works et’s face it, we all want great looking hair. Beautiful and manageable hair is totally attainable without having to spend a fortune on expensive hair care products. The secret to keeping hair looking its best is regularly keeping it cleaned and conditioned, eating a healthy diet, … Read more

DIY Guide to Homemade Laundry Detergent

Did you ever wonder how much money you are spending on laundry detergent each year? Let us answer that for you: a lot! Detergent and laundry products have become one of the most expensive and polluting products in our households. Today, we’ll show you some natural and environment friendly recipes you can use to go … Read more

Homemade Cleaning Products Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are naturally produced liquids that are distilled from the leaves, roots, flowers, bark, or other elements of plants. Despite the name, they aren’t really oily in consistency at all. Essential oils are not the same as fragrance oils, which are artificially created. These are sometimes referred to as aromatherapy oils and are most … Read more

Why Your Sunscreen is Hurting Your Health

With summer in full swing, there’s no doubt that you’re out enjoying all it has to offer. Being out, you’re probably protecting yourself from the damaging UVA and UVB sun rays by slathering on as much sunscreen as possible. Did you know though, that most sunscreens are toxic and many of the ingredients they contain … Read more

The 6 Best Natural Tanning Oils

A lot of us will do anything for that crisp, sun-kissed glow. Instead of searching for the best natural tanning oil on the shelves, we blindly grab traditional tanning oils and throw them into our shopping bag. What we don’t know won’t kill us, right? Wrong. Traditional tanning oils contain toxins you can’t even begin … Read more

Coconut Oil Uses for Skin and Hair

Coconut oil is truly amazing, and there are literally hundreds of reasons this tropical oil has seen such a recent surge in popularity. As a natural beauty aid, coconut oil can’t be beat. It makes hair and skin positively glow and leaves you feeling absolutely radiant. A jar of unrefined coconut oil could possibly be the … Read more

Best Sulfate Free Shampoos and Conditioners 2018

How do you choose the best sulfate free shampoo or conditioner? Everyone uses shampoo, and most of us use conditioners as well, but if I asked you if your shampoo was sulfate free, could you tell me? Would you know why it was a big deal? The reality is that, unfortunately, most people don’t know … Read more

Should You Use Shampoo Without Sulfate

Shoud you use sulfate-free shampoo? Sulfate is commonly found in many soaps and shampoos due to its natural oil stripping properties. Shampoos usually contain sulfate in the form of ammonium lauryl sulfate (which is different than ammonium chloride, also commonly found in shampoo), sodium laureth sulfate, and sodium lauryl sulfate. This means that the sulphate … Read more

How to Shop for Healthy Food on a Budget

It finally seems like the world is waking up and becoming more and more aware of what they eat – trying to kick their old ways. And with the ever growing awareness that leading a healthy lifestyle is hugely impacted by the nutrition we consume, people everywhere are trying to ditch their old heavily processed … Read more

Best Organic Baby Formula for Your Little One

List Of The Best Organic Baby Formula Brands Organic baby formulas have been enjoying a lot of attention in recent years. It looks like we’re only seeing a slice of what’s to come though. More mothers flock to this trend due to the huge benefits for their children. The huge variety of products on the … Read more