Why Eco Lips Stands Out From Other Organic Lip Care Brands

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Meta Description: Shopping for organic lip care products is the best way to avoid toxic chemicals. However, not all organic brands are created equal. Discover Eco Lips, a lip care brand that offers USDA-certified organic products while supporting Fair Trade.

When was the last time you looked at the ingredients of your favorite lip balm? Most lip care products contain parabens, petrolatum, and other harmful chemicals. You can avoid these dangerous ingredients by choosing a safe organic alternative like the lip balms sold by Eco Lips.

What Is Eco Lips?

Eco Lips

Eco Lips is a lip care brand. This brand offers lip balms, lip scrubs, lip tints, and other products.

Eco Lips has received several certifications for its use of organic and natural products. These certifications include the USDA organic label and a cruelty-free label. These products also meet the international NSF/ANSI 305 Organic standards.

This brand stands out through its efforts to find the best organic products possible. There is also a will to respect nature, and to make products with food-grade ingredients when possible. A lot of organic skin care brands use organic products won’t go the extra mile to find food-grade ingredients.

This is one of the many reasons why you should shop for Eco Lips products. It is not common to find lip care products with food-grade ingredients at such as affordable price. You will see a difference when you moisturize your lips.

You can trust Eco Lips products to be free of any harmful chemicals. Even the packaging of these products is designed to use less plastic.

The brand also gives money to non-profit organizations that support education and rural communities when you shop on the official Eco Lips website.

The selection of products is also worth talking about. You will find several flavors of lip balm, some medicated lip care products, some SPF-rated products, some lip scrubs, and some lip tints.

The brand offers different collections of lip balms. Each collection includes different flavors and has a unique feature. The brand has a vegan collection that is free of beeswax, another that uses mongongo oil, and a One World collection with flavors that evoke different parts of the world.

What Makes Eco Lips Unique

Eco Lips

The products sold by Eco Lips stand out due to the quality of their ingredients. It is difficult to find lip balms that don’t contain harmful chemicals such as parabens, petrolatum, BHA, and synthetic fragrances and flavors.

Most of these ingredients are toxic. It is important to look for alternatives since you are likely to ingest small quantities of these toxic chemicals when using a lip care product.

Choosing lip care products with natural and organic ingredients is a safe alternative. However, some organic brands charge a lot more for their products or don’t make any efforts to use recyclable packaging.

Some organic brands have a small selection of products or purchase organic ingredients without making a conscious effort to support the communities that rely on agriculture to thrive.

Eco Lips is unique because of the wide selection of products and low prices. We also like the emphasis on Fair Trade. The lip and cheek tint products have received a Fair Trade certification, and Eco Lips has an entire line of products that use mongongo oil sourced from a small business run by a group of women in a rural community of Zambia.

The Fair Trade certification isn’t limited to the lip and cheek tint products. The One World lip balms have also received this certification. While there are many lip care brands that offer USDA-certified organic products, very few brands support Fair Trade.

You can also shop for the Pure & Simple collection if you want to support a good cause. Eco Lips will donate a percentage of your purchase to a non-profit organization that builds schools in Africa and South America.

If you have adopted a vegan lifestyle and can’t use organic lip care products because beeswax is a common ingredient, you should know that Eco Lips has a Bee Free collection of vegan lip balms.

How Much Do Eco Lips Lip Care Products Cost?

After browsing through the Eco Lips products, we think that this brand offers very reasonably-priced products.

The lip care products are well-worth buying considering the quality of the ingredients used. The Mongo Kiss collection includes several lip balms available for under $3.

If you are looking for SPF-rated lip care products, prices will range from $3 to $9. Note that the $9 product is a large stick you can use anywhere on your face.

You can get a jar of lip scrub for around $10, shop for lip tints for $5, or purchase a medicated lip balm for $4 or $5.

Do Eco Lips Products Receive Good Reviews?

Eco Lips has a small but faithful following. This brand is relatively small compared to other organic beauty brands, but it has received a lot of excellent reviews.

People tend to discover Eco Lips products and end up using them in the long-term. Shoppers often mention ordering more products from Eco Lips after discover these lip balms.

On Facebook, a lot of shoppers talk about recommending these products to everyone they know.

Facebook users love the quality of the products and mention the pleasant sensation of applying these moisturizing lip balms.

Here are some of the positive things shoppers often mention in Eco Lips reviews:

  • The product selection.
  • The colors of the lip tints.
  • The quality of the ingredients used.
  • The pleasant smell.
  • The eco-friendly packaging.
  • The quality of the SPF protection.
  • The fact that Eco Lips donates to non-profit organizations.

Reviews also mention that these lip care products are great for dry, cracked, and chapped lips. Some reviewers talk about not experiencing any allergic reactions even though other lip balms tend to irritate their skin.

The Mongo Kiss lip balms have received excellent reviews and ratings on Amazon. This product is one of Amazon’s Choice items and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars with more than 150 reviews.

The medicated hemp lip balm is one of the best products for severely cracked lips. This lip balm has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

The lip tints have slightly lower ratings on Amazon. We found an Eco Lips lip tint with a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. Most shoppers liked the product because of its discreet color, but others thought the color didn’t last long enough.

How Eco Lips Compares To Other Organic Lip Care Brands

We compared Eco Lips to Sky Organics and Burt’s Bee. Sky Organics uses a similar approach to sourcing its ingredients, and Burt’s Bee is one of the most popular lip care products.

Sky Organics

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This brand offers a large selection of lip balms made from organic ingredients. We liked the selection of flavors, and Sky Organics has a very transparent attitude when it comes to explaining how ingredients are sourced.

Sky Organics products come in eco-friendly packaging and are cruelty-free. The brand also offers products that have earned the USDA Organic label. Overall, shoppers write excellent reviews for Sky Organics products.

Sky Organics only offers four different lip tint shades while Eco Lips has six shades. However, we didn’t see any reviews mentioning that the lip tint doesn’t last long enough.

We like Sky Organics because this brand has a huge selection of organic products. The same care goes into sourcing ingredients for each category of products. You can shop for organic beauty accessories, body butter, bath bombs, essential oils, and skin care products.

The selection of lip care products is smaller than what Eco Lips offers. Sky Organics only offers moisturizing lip balms and lip tints, but you won’t find any lip scrubs, SPF-rated products, or medicated lip balms.

Prices are similar to Eco Lips. We thought the lip care products sold by Sky Organics would make better gifts since they come in a small wooden box. However, you won’t be able to purchase a single lip balm or lip tint.

Sky Organics is an interesting alternative to Eco Lips. Shopping for Sky Organics products is worth it if you want more than lip care products.

However, the selection of lip care products is small compared to what Eco Lips offer. And even though Sky Organics chooses its ingredients carefully, Eco Lips goes further by actively supporting the communities that make these ingredients, for instance with their Mongo Kiss collection.

Burt’s Bee

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm, Multipack - Original...

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Burt’s Bee offers a large selection of lip care products made with natural ingredients. However, some of these products contain preservatives.

Burt’s Bee is very transparent about the ingredients used and how they are selected. The brand has a list of dangerous ingredients that are not used in any of its products.

You won’t find the USDA Organic label on any Burt’s Bee products, but some of the ingredients used meet the standards set by this label. Instead, Burt’s Bee has developed its own set of standards.

We like this approach because it shows that the brand wants to create its own vision when it comes to organic products and that sourcing natural and organic product is a major component of the brand’s philosophy.

There is a real effort to support the communities that produce the ingredients used in Burt’s Bee products. The company has developed a set of best practices to responsibly source ingredients and is entirely transparent about this entire process and the synthetic ingredients used.

The quality is comparable to what a USDA Organic brand like Eco Lips offers. Burt’s Bee is an interesting choice because of the huge selection of flavors and products, and because prices are very reasonable.

You can easily find lip balms for around $3 and will have an impressive selection of flavors to choose from. You can also shop for lip scrubs, lip masks, and medicated lip balms.

Burt’s Bee stands out with its makeup collection and selection of skin care products. While Eco Lips only offered lip tints, Burt’s Bee sells lipstick and liquid lipstick made from natural ingredients.

The downside of Burt’s Bee products is that beeswax is present in many of them. If you want a vegan option, Eco Lips is your best bet.

What We Think

We like what Eco Lips is doing. It is refreshing to see a responsible company that is transparent about its products and ingredients.

There is a real effort to source ingredients responsibly and to support the rural communities that produce these ingredients. We also like the fact that Eco Lips offers affordable organic products.

We think the selection of products is a plus. You will find something that is right for you if you want to moisturize, treat chapped lips, or protect your lips from sunrays.

We would like to see more products added to Eco Lips’ catalog in the future. It would be interesting to see more lip scrubs, more lip tint shades, and other cosmetic products. Being able to buy lip care products as a set would also be a plus.

Overall, Eco Lips is an excellent choice if you want to avoid toxic chemicals. Your money will go towards supporting rural communities around the world, and you can feel good about buying and using these lip care products since none of the ingredients used was produced in a way that is harmful to the environment.

Coupons And Deals

It seems that Eco Lips has shared coupon codes on social media in the past. However, the Twitter account where coupon codes were shared doesn’t seem to be active anymore. The brand is more active on Facebook and Instagram but we couldn’t find any coupon codes on these pages.

The Eco Lips website has a link to sign up for a newsletter. The site claims that you will receive exclusive information and promotions.

We didn’t find any discounted products on the Eco Lips website, but it is possible that other online sellers will offer sales on these products or that Eco Lips will offer discounted prices in the future.

Eco Lips is one of the best organic lip care brands. You can’t go wrong with their lip balms and other products. A lot of brands offer organic products but few go as far as Eco Lips when it comes to responsibly sourcing ingredients and supporting the communities that depend on farming these ingredients.