“That was me, 6 months and 7 days back,” Samantha Andrews told me bleakly. The photograph showed a long-haired beautiful brunette, smiling and completely oblivious of what was round the corner for her. I looked up and stared sadly at the same face, except it was much weaker and no more had the aura of hair surrounding it. It had been almost half a year since Samantha had been combating Blood Cancer and had lost every strand of hair she had…

Hair loss is probably one of the most disturbing stages in the already painful journey of cancer patients. It is like watching a part of yourself decimating and not being able to do anything about it.

Wait! Don’t feel so hopeless already, because Wigs for Cancer Patients can really help you feel like yourself again. These prosthetic hairpieces can help fill up your void and conquer fear of baldness.

Why Should I Wear A Wig?

  • I want to look in the mirror and feel beautiful: There is nothing vain about desiring to look good. Hair creates your identity and gives you individuality and hair loss can really transform that. A wig can help you retain your self-image so that you don’t have to stop feeling like your beautiful self.
  • I enjoy change, especially when it’s about playing around with different hair-styles: A different wig each time means a different look, a different style. Have some fun playing around with a variety of hair-colours and hair-styles. Keep up with the trend or be the trend-setter!
  • I don’t have to worry about styling my hair the next morning: The fact that your wig is already perfectly combed and styled can really save you from a great deal of hassle the next morning. Earn some extra brownie minutes in bed!
  • Hair loss is no more a reason of anxiety: Going through cancer treatment is like going down a rocky road. A wig knocks down, at least, one reason to worry about.

What Sort Of Wig Should I Get?

It is important to educate yourself and acquire an insight into different kinds of cancer patient wigs before choosing the right one. Two cardinal factors influence one’s choice of wig:

  • Material used for hair (synthetic vs. human hair wigs for cancer patients)
  • Construction of wig (machine-made, hand-made, custom-made)

Material used for hair (synthetic vs. human)

Synthetic wigs are less expensive and easier to maintain. However, these wigs can neither feel absolutely real nor can be treated like real hair, which means that you can damage them by exposing to heat through straightening, curling, etc.

Human real hair wigs for cancer patients are extremely expensive but look and feel totally real. You can feel free to treat them as your normal hair. However, it may not be easy to wash them.

Construction of wig  (machine-made, hand-made, custom-made)

Machine-made wigs are most cost-effective and widely used. The manner of construction gives room for air circulation to the scalp.

Hand-made wigs for chemo patients are closest to natural hair as strands are sewn onto a skull-cap. Hair also manoeuvres very naturally.

Custom-made chemotherapy wigs are probably the best substitute for natural hair but are not at all economical and strong not recommended.

Apprehensions about wigs

Certain misconceptions lurk in the minds of potential users of wigs. Let’s put them straight!

  • No, it is not at all necessary to get a human hair wig to look like you have real hair. A good quality synthetic wig can hit the nail right on the head and is also easier to manage.
  • Your head will sweat naturally and your wig will not be able to absorb it as would real hair. But that is when a
    wig cap can save the day. The wig cap will absorb the sweat and save you from discomfort.
  • Don’t panic! Your wig will not fall off. Wigs have little adjustable belt-strap on the inside that ensure it fits perfectly on your head.
  • Wearing a wig has nothing to do with the rate at which your natural hair regrows. People fear that wigs cause slower hair regrowth but that is nothing more than a false belief.

Wigs are a symbol of hope for cancer patients. Cancer takes away a part of them, their hair. Wigs diminish the loss and help win one battle at least. As very wisely said, “You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails.” Wearing a wig can really ‘adjust the sail’ for a cancer patient.