5 Best Organic Foundations

best organic foundations

Finding the best organic foundations is now harder than ever before (until now!). Over ten years ago, there was widespread belief that natural beauty products underperformed, were outrageously overpriced, and they were only bought by granola-munching tree huggers. Fast forward to 2015 and according to the Nutrition Business Journal, “There is a rising demand driven by natural and organic products with no unnecessary chemicals, parabens, additives, or fillers. This segment accounts for more than one-third of the $9.6 billion natural and organic personal care industry.”

Since then, much research has been done and the chemistry of natural makeup has been simplified and there is a big difference between organic and non organic makeup. Now, instead of having too few items to choose from, we have so many and need to sort out the good from the not-so-good. We have updated this list In 2018 to include even more organic foundation makeup brands for women!

There are 5 standout organic foundations that if you haven’t tried yet, you need to add them to your ‘makeup bucket list’ of products to try. They range in price from cheap drugstore to high-end and some well-known brands to the obscure (…not for much longer!).

The Best Organic Foundations: Our Picks

#5: Nude Wear Touch of Glow, Physician’s Formula

touch of glow organic foundation

The most popular organic drugstore brand for face and eye makeup has been around for almost 80 years! In 2014, according to A.C. Nielsen $Sales, Physicians Formula was ranked #1 in sales of natural and organic face and eye makeup. Physicians Formula was created in 1937 by an allergist for his wife’s extremely sensitive skin and her desire to wear makeup. Not only are the products of superior quality and incredibly effective, but the product itself and its packaging are beautiful. Each piece is a work of art.

Physicians Formula’s newest foundation is “hypoallergenic, paraben free, gluten free, dermatologist approved, non-comedogenic, and oil-free.” It is a weightless foundation that brightens, giving the skin a beautiful luminosity without looking like a disco ball. With a suggested retail price of $14.95, it’s on par with Revlon and Almay.

Physicians Formula is widely available at most drugstores and retail outlets.

#4: Borne Foundation, Borne Cosmetics

Borne Organic Makeup Foundation

It might come as a surprise (or not?), but Etsy actually carries more than hair bows and pot holders! There are many *hidden gem* makeup brands that sell exclusively on Etsy.

Borne Cosmetics is an online store out of Arizona created by Jennifer Bishop. Jennifer was a devotee of Bare Minerals until she found out that a few of their ingredients were not so good for her skin and she felt her skin deserved better, so she created it! Borne Cosmetics uses crushed pearl, silk, jojoba oil, argan oil, and Vitamin E just to name a few of their signature ingredients.

The mineral makeup foundation is wonderful and gives great coverage and doesn’t leave that heavy feeling left by some other mineral foundations. The prices are $14.85 for a 20 gram sifter jar and $16.85 for a 30 gram sifter jar. They also offer sample sizes for $6.95 and $8.85. You pick 2 different shades and you receive 3-4 teaspoons of each. Vegan options are also available.

#3: Pacifica Ultra CC Cream Radiant Foundation, Pacifica

pacifica ultra cc cream radiant foundation

Pacifica Ultra CC Cream Radiant Foundation is so light and creamy you really will forget you are wearing it. It provides just enough coverage to even out skin tone and hides mild discoloration. If you have acne scarring or blemishes, this will not cover it alone, but one suggestion would be to apply concealer as needed after applying foundation.

At $18 for 1 oz, the price is somewhere between a high-end drugstore product and a low-end department store product. It should take less than a dime-size amount of product to cover your entire face.

#2: FlowerColor Natural Liquid Foundation, Ecco Bella

ecco bella natural foundation

If coverage is what you are looking for, then look no further than Ecco Bella’s FlowerColor Natural Liquid Foundation. At $25.95 for 1 oz, this product is slightly more expensive. It has medium coverage with an ability to go medium-heavy coverage if you apply thin layers. If you apply too heavy of layers, than you could end up looking cakey and/or get those annoying under-eye creases as the foundation will settle into fine lines. Unfortunately, there are only 7 color options. A tip for choosing the perfect shade would be to go a shade lighter than what you *think* you need.

Once you find the correct dark or light shade and master the slightly tricky application to attain your desired level of coverage, the result will be well-worth the effort. It is great coverage and long-lasting.

#1: Primal Foundation, Primal Life Organics

primal life foundation

Sitting pretty in the #1 position is Primal Foundation by Primal Life Organics! It is one of the most unique foundations on the market. “Primal Life Organics is a Paleo Skincare Company. Our belief is in healing the body (and the skin) with fresh, real food sources.  Our products are the MOST nutrient dense skincare available- why?? Because we make our Skin-Food FRESH when ordered!  There are no products on our shelves- just ingredients.  When a product is made- it has already been sold.  We do not need harmful preservatives in our products, since they are made to be used immediately.”

Primal Foundation may initially look like your average mineral powder foundation; however, that assumption is quickly dispelled when the application instructions are read. The foundation is created out of dirt, food, and plants. To apply, it needs to be mixed with water. You pour about a tablespoon into the lid and add 2-3 drops of water (i.e. you can also add essential oils/olive oil, etc. in at this stage), you mix it up a little bit with your finger and then apply gently with your fingertips and/or a blending sponge.

The coverage depends on the consistency you created with the water/oil. More water equals a sheerer coverage and less water equals fuller coverage. This foundation is amazing because it contains various types of clay that work at detoxifying the skin while you are wearing it. The price is $39 for a 2-3 month supply and samples can be requested. 

Not The Best Organic Foundation…But Still Really Good [Honorable Mentions]

Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer, 100% Pure

100 pure fruit pigment foundation

Using fruit to add pigment to your makeup? Yes! 100% Pure has taken a page right out of the history books when fruits were crushed to give a subtle flush to a woman’s cheeks. 100% Pure has an excellent light to medium-light coverage tinted moisturizer. It is on the expensive side at $42 for 1.7oz compact, but it is chock-full of nutrient-rich ingredients like acai berry and aloe vera.

It would be a great foundation for someone with combination-oily skin; however, I think it might end up being slightly patchy if you have areas of dry skin. There are only a select number of retail outlets that carry 100% Pure,

Atmosphere Luminous Foundation, Vapour Organic

This stick uses a variety of organic ingredients and gives normal, dry, and sensitive skin types a radiating all-natural finish. Part of the recipe for this award-winning blend includes frankincense, sunflower oil, and lotus. The foundation is 70% organic but 100% natural.

Dr. Hauschka Foundation

Dr. Hauschka foundation is also ‘NATRUE’’ Certified. NATRUE is a nonprofit organization that commits to protecting and promoting natural and organic cosmetics. There are a variety of national organizations out there that set the standard and certify products that are truly organic. These are both for profit and not-for-profit. That’s the difference between a brand that stated organic vs a brand that is certified organic. The same can be said for some organic farming groups.

Dr. Hauschka has made the list of best-quality makeup in a lot of our organic makeup categories. Check out all their products on Amazon to learn more about this organic makeup brands.

Certified Organic Flora Liquid Foundation, Zuii

This is a medium coverage foundation that is suitable for a variety of skin types. It is also vegan friendly. Learn more about the product 

Silk Foundation, ZAO

This foundation gives full coverage but has an extremely light texture. Zao is a UK based brand but is available around the world, such as the US, South Africa, and Canada.

If you happen to have acne prone skin, Faerie Organics may be a good option for you. In fact, here is a list of the best organic mineral makeup for skin that is prone to breakouts.

Other Organic Makeup Brands to check out:

Juice Beauty – Pressed Powder Foundation. This is a great foundation for those with oily skin. Check out Juice beauty on Amazon 

Bourjois – Healthy Mix Foundation

Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc. – Dual Powder Foundation

Final Thoughts For Reviewing The Best Organic Foundations

You might also be interested in reading about best organic makeup brands available currently on the market. The organization of that post lists more than just foundation, but also goes over lipstick, primer, blush, mascara, and more! Many of the brands on that post can be found at stores such a Sephora and Ulta (or right online).

How do we review these brands? Our writers expertise and extensive research grants us ample opportunity to pick the best brands (bio descriptions can be found in the “About Us” section). Do you wish there was one on here that we missed? Our community frequently reviews brands and will detox our list, so make sure to stay tuned!