Afterglow Cosmetics Review

afterglow cosmetics

Afterglow Cosmetics offers a unique lineup of cruelty-free, gluten-free, chemical-free makeup that contains all-natural ingredients. For anyone interested in the product line, an honest review is your best form of insight. Knowing what is good, what is not okay, and how it stacks up in comparison to similar brands is your best bet.

What are Afterglow Cosmetics and How Do They Work?

Afterglow Cosmetics offers a unique lineup of organic cosmetics that blends the importance of all-natural ingredients with high-end trendiness. From lipsticks to eyeshadows and everything in between, each cosmetic consists of bio-active minerals combined with organic materials. Each selection of makeup offers carefully selected pigmentation to ensure color quality.

Each of the products works by remaining free of synthetic dyes, preservatives, and fillers, which tend to harm or irritate the skin. Consumers interested in the products can purchase items such as AfterglowCosmetics organic mineral foundation, mascara, lip products, professional makeup brushes, and more. For those wondering where to buy Afterglow Cosmetics, you can easily purchase the products you want online.

The idea behind the product line first formed in 2004 when Kristin, the company’s founder, decided to pursue her interests and knowledge in pigmentation and naturalism. Thanks to the pursuit of her visions and her thorough understanding of natural ingredients, Kristin was able to make Afterglow Cosmetics gluten-free, dye free, and chemical free for very eager purchasers.

Her unwavering dedication to testing out unique blends of natural ingredients, colors, and pigments paved the way for her famous line of cosmetics. Although many popular makeup brands often contain chemicals, dyes, and preservatives, the company can offer comparable results without the additives. The result is a high-fashion appearance without the worry of skin damage.

What Makes Afterglow Cosmetics Unique

Part of what makes this line of cosmetics so unique is that they are so drastically different in comparison to competitors. Competitor products often contain ingredients like parabens, phthalates, and even formaldehyde. Unfortunately, some of these ingredients are believed to have dire consequences for a person’s health.

For example, the National Cancer Institute reports that while short-term exposure to formaldehyde may not have any ill effect, the long-term effects remain questionable. A study showed that rats exposed to formaldehyde for a prolonged period developed nasal cancer.

Therefore, formaldehyde was considered a likely carcinogenic – an agent that is believed to cause cancer – as of 1987. Because of the company’s beauty beliefs, their products do not contain any harsh, harmful chemicals or additives.


The products are comparable in price to similar high-end cosmetic products. The significant difference is that you are paying for a product that is natural, worry-free, and safe to use on your skin. Costs range between $21 and $38 for face products such as foundation, finishing powders, and concealers. For the eyes, you can expect to spend $17 to $27 on mascaras or eyeshadows. Finally, lipsticks and glosses will cost roughly $18 to $26.

The cost of shipping depends on how fast you want your package to arrive. They ship all around the world, to locations including Canada and the UK

Public Perception

Upon researching different Afterglow Cosmetics reviews, the consensus seems favorable toward the product lineup. Most reviews had nothing but good things to say about the cosmetic line. Most reviewers loved that they could use these products on their sensitive skin thanks to the all-natural ingredients.

Just about every consumer said nearly the same thing, which was how they loved that their skin did not react negatively to the products. There was no threat of a breakout, itchiness, or other signs of irritation when using the organic mineral foundation, powders, concealers, and eyeshadows. Although the coloration of some of the products was slightly off, it was not enough to deter consumers. (For more organic foundations check out this blog post!)

In fact, most purchasers loved the coloration of the products. The powders and foundation helped even out the skin tone, and the eyeshadows offered a beautiful, subtle, more natural appearance. That is not to say that the products were without complaints. A few consumers made a note of the simple, unassuming packaging.

There were a couple of customers who pointed out the fact that they were not all that impressed with the packaging. However, they were impressed enough with the product itself. Therefore, they let the unappealing packaging slide since it is what you find inside the packaging that counts. Of course, there are almost no complaints involving the use of the products, which is a huge plus in and of itself.

How It Compares

When compared to similar, gluten-free makeup brands, this product line stacks up well. Pricing is similar compared to products such as Bare Minerals and Alima Pure, and Ecco Bella. Of course, all the goods provided by Afterglow Cosmetics are gluten-free and even certified as gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.

Bare Minerals, on the other hand, admits that most products are gluten-free, indicating that perhaps some products do contain gluten. Also, the company may manufacture some of the products on shared equipment, which can create cross contamination. Customers should always carefully check the labels to make sure the products are truly gluten-free.

Alima Pure is perhaps one of the most comparable brands since all their products are gluten-free. The company even tests their products to make sure they do not contain traces of gluten. Ecco Bella also offers a complete line of gluten-free products that the corporation also deems safe for customers with celiac disease to use. (To see more of their competitors check out these mineral makeup brands or these mineral makeup brands for acne prone skin.)

Although there are certainly comparable makeup brands, Afterglow Cosmetics still seems to take the cake. Customers can enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee, a full range of pigmentation selections, incredible prices for the product offerings, and a chemical-free makeup experience. Beauty should not mean sacrificing the health of your skin, and that is something the company understands fully. If you are solely purchasing makeup and skin care items to prevent oily skin or to get rid of acne you need to check out our posts regarding those topics before making a purchase.

What We Think

Although there are a couple of notable vices, these products are certainly worth the purchase. Considering that the biggest fault seems to lie in unattractive packaging, that is not enough to deter customers. The fact is that the product itself works as promised and offers a noticeable difference in comparison to other brands of makeup.

Aside from the fact that you can enjoy the long-lasting coverage that you want and need, you can also enjoy healthier skin. Since the ingredients contained within the makeup are all-natural, it is better for your skin. You do not need to worry about irritations, redness, and other similar reactions when using chemical-laden cosmetics.

This line of cruelty-free, chemical-free, chemical-free makeup is certainly worth a try if you have never used the products before. Of course, you should always test the product on a patch of skin to make sure that you will not have a reaction of any kind.

Coupons and Deals

If you would like to enjoy this line of makeup, make sure you take advantage of Afterglow Cosmetics coupons available through RetailMeNot. You can receive a $10 coupon code off any order over $75 and the additional benefit of free shipping. Make sure you frequently check for Afterglow Cosmetics coupon codes to enjoy this line of makeup at a price point that works for you.