There is always an urge to squeeze a pimple right after it starts appearing. It becomes even difficult to hold back and watch a pimple or a blackhead growing.

You may even not want to leave home just because you have that annoying pimple on face, chin, nose, cheeks or lips. Sometimes the pimples, zits or red bumps show up at the worst time.

 So, Should I Pop A Pimple? 

Never pop a pimple, says, everyone! But what happens if you don’t pop a pimple? Will it pop by itself or is it better to pop it before it grows big? What is the right way for how to pop a pimple?

No one would ever have said you to pop a pimple because in the event of popping a pimple you can deliberately hurt your skin which can result in creating a scar. Scaring leaves a flaw in the skin and create imperfections.

 What Happens If You Pop A Pimple? 

– Popping a pimple can lead to infection in the skin. Your fingernails or hands can transfer bacteria, if not washed properly.

– At times, forcefully/intentionally/aggressively popped pimple can result in pimple scars.

– Poke, prick or prod can aggravate a pimple or zit and can damage the skin, leaving a deep pimple scar.

– Pimple scars or blemishes can take time to heal. Sometimes the deep scars can only be treated through expensive cosmetology treatments such as laser surgery or microdermabrasion etc.

 How To Pop A Pimple? Easiest Way Possible 

You have never heard of it, but there is really a proper way to pop a pimple. Just follow the instructions below if you can’t wait for a pimple to vanish away on its own. You are going to learn the best strategy for how to pop a pimple at home.

1-Always Wait!

Poking a pimple too early can result is scarring of the skin. So just wait and pop a pimple only when the pus or white head appears.

2-Watch For The Pus

When you can see the pus in a pimple, it signifies that the pimple is ready to be pricked and the pus can be drained easily.

3-Wash Your Hands

Don’t touch pimples with your hands. Always wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before extracting the pimple.

4-Use Comedones Extractor

Dermatologist, beauticians, and pros use a sterilized instrument known as Comeadone extractor (also known as sterilized needle or pimple needle extractor) to drain out a pimple. Pimple under the skin won’t come out easily. So, the best way to pop a pimple that won’t pop would be to use a sterilized comeadone extractor and use the pointed needle to prick the skin.

5-Sterilize Equipment

Wipe the needle or a pin with perfume or spirit. Also, put some spirit on a cotton swab and rub it on the pimple to prevent infection.

6-Hold A Tissue Paper

Avoid touching the skin directly and hold a clean tissue in your hand.

7-Now Is The Time To Pop

Now position the needle over the top of the zit and gently pierce the white part or the top of the pimple.

8-Squeeze It Gently

Wrap the tissue around your fingers and gently squeeze the pimple with a slight pressure.

9-Be Cautious

You need to be cautious as if pus doesn’t come out slickly then you should stop right there. Since this is an indication that the pimple is not ready yet.

10-Final Notes

Now apply some alcohol or spirit on a cotton swab and rub it over the freshly popped pimple. It may sting a bit, but gradually it will be fine.

A pimple is not something that you should be scared of. It is a fact of life, and everyone has to face it at any point in time. So never get afraid of having a pimple or a red zit. Many home remedies work wonders in treating pimples or acne scars.

5 Minutes pimple vanishing technique

Getting ready for a prom party, new years eve or a farewell party? But you don’t have the courage to go to the party accompanying a pimple on your face?

This is another way of how to pop a pimple painlessly. You can hide a pimple or blemishes only in 5 minutes.

If you wanted to cover up the pimple, just use a primer or a concealer over the pimple spot. Afterward, apply moisturizer, so the pimple doesn’t look cracked.