Melt Cosmetics Review: A Look at the One of the Best Brands Today

Melt Cosmetics

The eyeshadow pallet you bought is almost perfect. Except for a few things. One, it’s missing the perfect transition shade which is a vital part to any eye look. Two, there isn’t enough color diversity. Instead, you have 4 shades of blue that are almost identical and no idea what to do with them. And lastly the amount of product you receive is on the slim side and now so is your wallet. We know how difficult it can be to find the right product for you sometimes. It’s either a journey of trial and error or sacrifice and settling. But we’re here to tell you that the perfect eyeshadow doesn’t have to be hard to find. So don’t sort through an endless array of eyeshadow pallets, or even create your own only to receive very little product. Stack your shadows instead with Melt Cosmetics.

What is Melt Cosmetics?

What is Melt Cosmetics

Two close friends, brunch, and a burning passion were all that it took to spark the creativity that would soon turn into the empire that is Melt Cosmetics. The brand began with one goal in mind, to do what had yet to be done. Co-founders, Lora Arellano, and Dana Bomar saw a need and boldly aimed to fix it. Pigmented, bold and mate lipsticks were conspicuously missing from the makeup world. The pair of friends took their years of retail, makeup and life experience to create a matte lipstick like no other. And because of their innovation they succeeding in revolutionizing a market.

6 years later Melt Cosmetics is one of the most successful independent brands in the makeup community. And who could be surprised? The first 5 shades of their mate lipsticks sold out the minute Melt Cosmetics launched them online. The quality, dedication, and consistency of this brand have bred loyal customers and fans.

Arellano and Bomar created Melt Cosmetic for the everyday makeup enthusiast, the innovate dreamer, the creative, wild child, and every unique person in between. Since its birth, Melt Cosmetics has broadened their horizons. Now the brand has a line of dazzling products including lipsticks, highlighters, and eyeshadow stacks. The eyeshadow stacks are individual pigmented packed powders that you can use to create an endless array of looks.

Product Specs

Product Specs

We found that one of the biggest appeals of the Melt Cosmetics individual eyeshadow pots was that the single shadows allowed a certain amount of freedom. These eyeshadow stacks are amazing for the makeup extraordinaire who knows exactly what they want or for the newbie who is slowing honing their craft. You can choose that royal purple you’ve been searching for forever or find that warm neutral shade that every single eyeshadow pallet seems to lack.

The best part is, the durable pans are magnetized so you can easily keep track of your collection. The inside of the container also comes with a mirror for convenience, which we loved. And did we mention that Melt Cosmetics packs these single eyeshadow pots full of product?  This way you get an amazing eye look and the most value for your hard-earned dollars.


You can purchase these lovely shades for around $15 to $20 at the Melt Cosmetics online store.

How it Compares

We picked a couple of similar products available on the market to see how they compare. All products below are from Melt Cosmetics so you can get to know the brand.

  • Role Play Collection
  • Baby Girl Stack
  • Digital Dust Highlight
  • Hopeless Romantix Collection

Role Play Collection

Role Play Collection

The Role Play collection is simple and sweet with a color range that anyone can love. These lipsticks are convenient and perfect for on the go application.

Price: Approximately $65

You can get the perfect matte lip in 5 vibrant shades for around 65 dollars. These lipsticks are usually approximately worth 95 dollars so that you can look good, and your wallet can feel good along. with you

Ease of Use:

Using these lipsticks is as easy as swipe and go. However, we found that it’s harder to get the most precise application with these traditional lipsticks.

Design Quality:

These colorful lipsticks are hydrating and creamy with the matte finish you love. Each color is unique and works for any skin tone. The role play collection comes in 5 stunning shades.

  • Pink Heels- A vivid rose pink, that will last all day long
  • Frisky- A spicy cinnamon nude.
  • Last Kiss- A vibrant hue inspired by Strawberry Sorbet
  • Lucretia- A Seductive red mixed with a hint of nude
  • Novelty- An Orchid inspired shade


  • Excellent Array of Shades
  • Excellent Array of Shades
  • Pigmentation
  • True Matte Finish


  • Less precise application
  • Not long Lasting
  • Transfer

Baby Girl S​tack

Baby Girl Stack

The Baby Girl Stack is fresh, flirty and colorful. The collection is a vibrant blend of five pink and red hues in matte and metallic finishes, which makes creating a sweet shimmery or a bold smoky look easier than ever.

Price: Approximately $58

For approximately 58 dollars you get 5 pigmented shades to shine in.

Ease of Use:

The baby girl stack is a harmonious blend of dusky pinks, shimmery rose tones, and vibrant reds. Each eyeshadow tin is magnetized so that you can keep your 5 pots in order easily. They are also made of a durable plastic, which means you don’t have to worry about crumbles and cracks. And they come equipped with a mirror to make application easy. The only downside to these pots would be that they aren’t as convenient as traditional palettes. They don’t come with an applicator and the shades are separate which makes them trickier to use when you’re in rush mode.

Design Quality:

Sometimes the price to pay for pigmentation is fallout or chalky texture. But that is not the case with these eyeshadows. We enjoyed the creamy, smooth texture of the formula. The shades blended like a dream and fallout did not make an appearance here. The Baby Girl Stack comes in these 5 colors:

  • Hopeless Romantix – A beaming mixture of yellow gold hot pink. You can use this vibrant shade as an eyeshadow or highlight
  • Main Squeeze – An ultra-matte orange-red with a pigmented punch of color.
  • Scammin’ – The perfect hot coral transition shade.
  • Crush – A lustrous and versatile rustic terracotta eyeshadow.
  • Break Up – A dark umber shade to add some depth to your look.


  • No Fallout
  • Excellent Array of Shades
  • Pigmentation
  • Unique Practical Packaging
  • Great Value


  • Don’t Come With an Applicator
  • Online Shipping Charge

Digital Dust Highlight

Digital Dust Highlight

Each shade is vivid and unique to give everyone a luminous glow. These highlighters can look good on any skin tone and packaging is sleek, clean and profession, which we liked.

Price: Approximately $40

You can purchase each lovely shade of the Digital Dust Highlight for around 40 dollars.

Ease of Use:

With its creamy texture, pigmented gleam, and buildable formula the Digital Dust Highlighter is not only a quality product but also easy to use and love. Just take your favorite fan or highlighter brush, apply to the cheeks, temples, and bridge of the nose to glow.

Design Quality:

This highlighter glows in every sense of the word. The Digital Dust Highlighters blend easily for a streak-free shine, and we also love the fact that the formula is buildable. This makes it easy for you to achieve a soft and subtle glow or a more dramatic and define one.

The Digital Dust highlight comes in three shimmery shades:

  • Nova– A warm gold that can be used as both a highlighter or bronzer. We love this versatile universal shade.
  • Stargazer – A dusky pink highlighter with soft silver flecks that will you with a champagne glow.
  • Gold Ore – A delicate golden highlighter that envies the sun.


  • Pigmented
  • Beautiful Color
  • Creamy Formula
  • Buildable
  • Versatile


  • Affordability

Hopeless Romantix Collection

Hopeless Romantix Collection

The Hopeless Romantix Collection is a sea of seamless pinks, purples, and beautiful blushes. It includes the Baby Girl Eyeshadow Stack, three blushes, a set of four Liquid Lipsticks, and seven versatile Blushlights. This collection has a harmonious design and all the colors complement one another perfectly. It offers the best of Melt Cosmetics all in one pretty, convenient, package.

Price Approximately: $200

This spectacular collection has a value of over 350 dollars; however, you can get yours at around $200 instead. That way you can get seamless beauty, quality products, and a great deal all in one.

Ease of Use:

The convenience of this collection is out of this world. The shades of the highlighters, shadows, blushlights, and lipsticks make this collection truly unique. All the products complement each other well so you can put together a look without the hassle of searching endlessly for products that look nice together. What also stood out to us what the universal tones of the products.  This collection is great for all complexions and skin types. And no matter your experience, anyone can create a look they love. The everyday makeup enthusiast can wear these products and never run out of inspiration. Or the Makeup artists can create tailored looks for dozens of clients with the versatile products offered here.

Design Quality:

The Hopeless Romantix Collection Includes:

1) The Baby Girl Stack:

  • Hopeless Romantix – A beaming mixture of yellow gold hot pink. You can use this vibrant shade as an eyeshadow or highlight.
  • Main Squeeze – An ultra-matte orange-red with a pigmented punch of color.
  • Scammin’ – The perfect hot coral transition shade.
  • Crush – A lustrous and versatile rustic terracotta eyeshadow.
  • Break Up – A dark umber shade to add some depth to your look.

The of the excellent array of shades and pigmentation of Baby Girl Stack is undeniable. We love how these colors complement each other.

2) A Set of 4 Liquid Lipsticks

  • Ex – A creamy Succulent nectar orange color.
  • Dreamboy – The dusky romantic sepia color you’ve been waiting for.
  • Rebound – A versatile mauve hue.
  • Cookie Cutter – The perfect pale cherry blossom pink.

These liquid lipsticks are here to stay. These durable shades are bold, comfortable, and long-lasting.

3) Three Brilliant Blushes

  • Cali Dream – A warm Coral Hue to liven up your look.
  • Bawdy – A hot pink blush. Need we say more?
  • Honey Thief – A universal neutral blush for a refined natural look.

4) Seven Gorgeous Blushlights

  • Electra – Want to cool down? Use this lilac hue to liven up any look.
  • Fire Fury – Perfect for deeper skin tones this crimson red will bring a fiery change.
  • Ghostlight – It’s golden glow makes the perfect pair for any highlighter or eyeshadow.
  • Lynx – This blush light will help you achieve a natural sun-kissed glow. Pair it with a highlighter for a glow that goes the extra mile.
  • Nevermore – Use this hibiscus pink blush light to achieve a natural dewy glow.
  • Shadow-play – This holographic mint green will leave you illuminated.
  • Sundown – You can use his versatile honey brown as a subtle highlight or eyeshadow.

The best things about the blushlights are their versatility. You can use them to build up your highlighter, accent your eyeshadows or tone down your blush. Anything goes with these beauties. And their pigmentation is otherworldly. Mix and match all of these products to achieve your perfect look.


  • Great Value
  • Quality Products
  • Product Harmony
  • Pigmentation
  • Wonderful Variety
  • Liquid lipsticks are long-lasting


  • You don’t choose what goes into the collection
  • Investment buy


Melt Cosmetics was born out of years of experience, creativity, and passion, and it soon morphed into a cult beauty phenomenon. With their fresh take on liquid lipsticks and highly pigmented eyeshadows, highlighters, and blushlights, Melt Cosmetics shines in the quality department. Besides the integrity of their makeup, this brand stands for a unique expression of self and individuality. Their products are certified cruelty free, and with so much offer it’s hard to choose a favorite product.

Over Verdict is a whopping 5 stars overall!

We also found that their stacked eyeshadows were a true gem. The versatility, affordability and universal appeal of this product stood out above all the rest. They are perfect for the experienced MUA or the novice beginner. And with their durable, functional design, we couldn’t overlook them. So go create your signature look with Melt Cosmetics.