23 Best All Natural Makeup Choices

Best All Natural Makeup Brands

Want to turn up your outer glow naturally? Try using all-natural makeup (or better yet, organic makeup!) daily. The myth that regular formulations are better than natural makeup in terms of impact and performance is commonplace, but I can confidently say that there are so many all natural makeup formulas that deliver a sexy, vibrant color. We’ve put together a great list of the top 23 best all natural makeup choices available.

The natural or organic standards across most beauty industries are rarely regulated. This blog post helps round up some of the best all natural makeup that is a real deal. No deceptive labeling or green washing here!

Best Natural Makeup Brands and Their Must Try Creations

Here is a list of our favorite naturally beautifying makeup brands that are pretty and potent to help you make the cut every single day of the year.

#23. Nvey Eco

nvey eco

Still feeling hesitant that all-natural makeup won’t perform as great as the regular stuff? Nvey Eco, an Aussie proves that it’s possible. Founded by the beauty industry veteran Rohan Widdison, the brand merges green principles with certified organic ingredients as well as exciting high fashion trends. The brand is commonly known for its vivid blush and eye shadow, which are made with calming botanicals; such as jojoba and chamomile, while its new Cream Deluxe Flawless Finish Foundation is rich with vitamins.

#22. Josie Maran

josie maran

Founded eight years ago with Josie Maran, this brand’s products make you look and feel good. The company’s motto, “Luxury with a Conscience,” says it all and the all-natural makeup and beauty products live up to it. The brand uses pure Argan Oil in all their products. What’s more, the company uses eco-friendly packaging and works closely with earth-loving and women-empowering organizations.

#21. Tarte Cosmetics

tarte cosmetics

Renowned as a remarkable leader in eco-chic beauty, healthy, and providing chemical-free cosmetics, Tarte Cosmetics is a must have for every woman. The company’s makeup line is blended with plant extracts, super fruit, essential oils, minerals, vitamins, and all-natural ingredients. Inspired from the bedroom of the brand’s founder, Maureen who was trying to make a safe and natural makeup plan, the products have no mineral oils, parabens, triclosan, gluten, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, and synthetic fragrances. With this brand, you’ll love your new look without the yucky stuff.

#20. Sephora-Natural & Organic Makeup


Sephora is indeed one of the biggest beauty brands nationwide. It’s therefore not a surprise that they have an organic makeup line that rocks! All purely natural! So try checking it out. Each product from Sephoras Natural and Organic makeup is made special and, I promise, you’ll be excited with the results.

#19. Bare Minerals

bare minerals

Bare Minerals are sheer and offer users an amazing pigmentation and coverage. The Bare Minerals makeup products are great for people prone to acne as their blushes and foundations don’t clog pores as much.

#18. Zuii Organic

zuii organic

Zuii Organic products are purely made from flowers! How sweet is that? I must say, Zuii Organic’s natural makeup line blows me away. I plan to try more of their body care products in the future and I highly recommend the brand to anyone.

#17. Pure and True

pure and true

Pure and True is known to be one of the top organic makeup brands as they are truly luxurious and of high quality. The beauty products are naturally awesome and since the company supports many charity and social projects, you can rest assured you are making a difference indirectly.

#16. AfterGlow Cosmetics

afterglow cosmetics

If you are into fashion and need makeup that lasts longer than daily cosmetic, well, this is it! Afterglow Cosmetics is simply glamorous and long-lasting. The brand’s products are also free from fillers and synthetic preservatives present in regular cosmetics. 

#15. Ecco Bella

ecco bella

I must admit, Ecco Bella is my best all-natural makeup! It’s one of the most organic of all the makeup products I’ve tried. All Ecco Bella products and cosmetics are natural and free of gluten, dyes, water, and preservatives. Their wide selection consists of makeup and body care products, so it’s an organic beauty brand you trust! Here’s our full review of this brand here!

#14. Origins

origins cosmetics

I’ve known Origins makeup brand since I was a little girl. It was my mom’s favorite. That simply means it has been around for a while. Though a bit pricey, the all-natural makeup product is well worth every extra penny. My top product is their scents. They are sweet and long lasting. Go ahead and try splurge on any of their lines!

#13. Ava Anderson Non-Toxic

ava anderson

As the name suggests, Ava Anderson Non-Toxic is an all-natural line of organic products that are completely chemical free. Even the brand’s mascara boasts a nutrient-rich natural formula with vegetable-based wax, organic aloe, and mineral color that holds soft lashes curl. Their organic deodorant, which contains peppermint oils, tea tree, and baking soda, really works.

#12. Lurk


Lurk is a handmade brand that carefully blends organic jojoba with pure essential oils to produce each scent. The company has a line of sensual scents that have memorable notes; such as fresh jasmine, earthy rose, sweet bergamot and warm sandalwood.

Note: The fragrance formula has no preservatives and it’s therefore advisable to keep the fragrance away from direct sunlight and using it within a year once you open it.

#11. Meow Meow Tweet

meow meow tweet

Meow Meow Tweet are soaps that are simply refreshing with elegant scents. They are made from wild botanicals and organic plant oils that are combined with essential oils for that pure fragrance. From mint, grapefruit, orange, fennel, lemon grass to lavender as well as a bar for your pet, you will find them.

#10. Sumbody


Sumbody is a handmade all-natural formula that offers a rich line of makeup, skin, nail, and hair treats. The products are made to be near to the earth as much as possible. Ingredients like oats, clay, and charcoal are simply amazing for your skin. The company’s coarse yet gentle body scrub has a winning combination of cocoa butter, pistachio oil, and organic brown sugar cane that is sure to reward you with an amazing skin.

#9. Vapour Organic Beauty


Vapour Organic Beauty specializes in making highly performing all natural products, with no fillers. Each of their concentrated formulas consists of at least 70 percent pure organic ingredients. The company’s wide collection ranges from rich eyeliners to creamy blushes. Their shiny Elixir Lip Glosses are not sticky and their Siren Lipsticks make a perfect pigmentation with moisturizing botanicals.

#8. Nourish Organic

nourish organic

It’s no secret, Nourish Organic products take organic to a whole max level. As a matter of fact, the beauty line is the first beauty line to be made of pure organic ingredients and all their products have the USDA Organic label. The company’s anti-aging face serum has rosehip and Moroccan argan oil that deeply hydrates. The hand wash is effective because it is pH-balanced and has aloe, shea butter, and quinoa protein. Did I mention the packaging? It looks chic and is the sleekest in its category.

#7. Alima Pure

alima pure

Alima Pure is a 100% mineral pigmentation makeup line created by the celebrity makeup artist Kate O’Brien in 2004. Kate didn’t want her teenage daughter to use makeup that had chemicals. That inspired her all-natural line of beauty products. The brand’s shades are so gorgeous that once you start using them, you’ll never try anything else. I’m fond of the brand’s natural-looking Satin Matte Blushes and the Luminous Shimmer Shadows. And hey, their tinted lip balms are great as they moisturize with butter and plant oils. Therefore it also tastes so amazing thanks to the peppermint oil.

#6. Intelligent Nutrients

intelligent nutrients

Inspired by Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda, Intelligent Nutrients proudly bears the USDA Organic label of the category’s highest certified standard. The brand is known for its gluten-free lip gloss that contains natural extracts of orange, cranberry, and acai which boasts antioxidant value and food-level safety. That’s a smart and tasty thought. That should be enough to lure you.

#5. Josie Maran

josie maran cosmetics

Launched by Josie Maran, a famous former model and nature-lover, her makeup and skincare lines are naturally sophisticated and offer a luxurious experience that is non-toxic, gentle, and eco-friendly. The brand uses argan oil as the primary ingredient in their products. I like her Magic Marker Lip Stains that lasts long and comes with a matching balm for adding moisture. Her Argan Color Stick also adds a sheer tint to lips and cheeks.

#4. Revolution Organics

revolution organics

Unlike other brands that claim to be natural with only one ingredient which makes the grade, Revolution Organics products contain at least 85 percent organic formula. Consider trying their beauty balm; it will warm your lips, eyes, and cheeks with a sweet flush of a rosy color. The company uses ingredients such as honey to help lock moisture in and coconut oil to help repair the skin’s lipid barrier.

#3. RMS Beauty

Inspired by the renowned makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, the RMS line is a top natural beauty brand for models as well as beauticians. Made from beeswax, coconut oil, coco seed butter, and jojoba seed oil, this make-up line gifts you with a unique and flattering naturally looking skin. RMS beauty products manufacturing process doesn’t use heat and hence their ingredients remain naturally raw and highly beneficial to your skin.

What makes celebs go gaga is the brand’s Living Luminizer, which contains light-reflecting minerals that add an iridescent sheen to the skin. More-so, the area around the eye will stay hydrated because the brand’s cream shadows are also incredibly pigmented from its natural ingredients.

Note: It sometimes get a little runny especially during warm weather. This is because the brand is oil based. You may have to keep your products refrigerated.

#2. Physicians Formula

physicians formula

Physicians Formula is definitely one of my best organic makeup brands and this is why. Their prices are as great as their products. Because of this, you get naturally wonderful products at a fair price. Physicians Formula products are available in almost any drugstore. Get yours today.

#1. Ilia


This is an amazing all natural makeup brand you should try. The company creates its products in a sustainably ethical manner. Each makeup piece contains up to 85% of certified organic bio-active botanicals. The brand also packages all its products in recyclable aluminum casings.


It’s worth noting that makeup should not only cover skin, but also enhance its condition. In this case, when shopping for makeup products, ensure that the brand’s products are made with all natural ingredients from organic and certified biodynamic sources.

Mother Nature cures almost everything, no wonder more beauty brands are trying to keep their ingredients list closer to the earth. Of course, numerous beauty brands find it limiting to use certified organic components; and, trust me, not all beauty brands go that far, but have confidence in the companies listed here as they use only natural ingredients. Truly, though, what counts is what they DON’T use: additives, fillers, parabens and unnecessary chemicals.