Oils for hair: Dry, damaged, fragile, breakable and what not! Is this how you define your hair? Hair is one of the most important parts of your personality and physical appearance. Your hair speaks about your health and wellness. And hair in bad condition can leave a bad impression on others.

There are various ways and approaches to make our hair shinier, bouncy and beautiful. It feels awesome when your hair looks luscious and soft. These oils for hair enhances your overall appearance, making you look beautiful.

If you are on a tight budget and cannot spend bucks on expensive hair treatments, then homemade remedies using oils for hair growth and treatment can be your life savior.

What’s the plus point?

Homemade hair treatment masks are good in a way that they are inexpensive, convenient and usually, these remedies contain ingredients that can be easily found in your kitchen. So, convenience is the no. 1 factor in preferring home remedies.

A Slight Con Of Using Oils For Hair Treatments!

Though, the only con is that you cannot expect results overnight. You have to wait to witness the results as it may take two to three months to see visible results of the homemade hair treatment masks. Persistence is another factor that is required to see head turning results.

If you are tired of the expensive salon treatments and artificial hair wigs then try out these three best oils for hair growth that can help you to get silky smooth hair.

1-Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Oils are an incredible kind of treatment. Anyone can vouch for the benefits that coconut oil provides your hair. It is a divine hair treatment as its benefits are immense.

The antioxidants in coconut oil approach to deal with the itchy and dry scalp, making them look shinier, and also it smoothens out the hair knots.

The benefits of coconut oil are mutual for males and females. All the men out there, who are anxious about their hair fall and bald head haunts them; can treat their hair fall or baldness with applying coconut oil regularly on the scalp to promote blood flow.

It advances and triggers the development of new hair, removing the traces of dandruff, and it even treats untimely gray hair fiasco. Oils truly are nature’s marvel, and utilizing these three as a part of your hair care regime will help you to transform your hair into healthy and shiny strands.

Coconut oil is an incredible hair oil that creates a nice texture to your hair. It also locks in moisture and secures dampness making the hair strong, smooth and gleaming.

This oil also contains lauric corrosive which battles microbial activity, one of the real reasons for male pattern baldness.

Coconut oil is likewise an efficient and effective way to treat dandruff due to its hostility towards dandruff and dead cells. You can use it alone or mix it with other home ingredients to reap maximum benefits out of it.

2-Olive Oil For Hair Growth

Many of us know the advantages of devouring olive oil for our wellbeing. Applying it to our hair is profoundly useful as well.

This oil has been found to be effective to avoid male pattern baldness, increases hair development, de-frizz bunched up hair, removes dandruff, treats dry scalp and also kills head lice.

Olive oil can help you to grow hair long if followed this remedy consistently. Rub a small amount of the olive oil between your fingers and rub it into your root tips. You can also warm the bowl of olive oil in Microwave to perform a hot oil hair massage to improve blood circulation.

On the other hand, if you are allergic or cannot put olive oil due to its greasy texture then try to purchase cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, serums or hair care products that contain olive oil.

3-Argan Oil Hair Growth

This is unquestionably my top pick amongst all the hair oils, yet it’s somewhat more costly than other hair oils. Argan hair oil is a one of a kind oil that is made up of seventeen characteristic and natural fixings.

It has a mind-boggling number of advantages. It increases hair development and makes hair develop speedier. It also cleans away dandruff from the scalp after couple of uses.

Argan oil actually helps to stop, or sometimes altogether moderates the hair which is turning gray. It is the best amongst the oils for hair care treatment and has countless benefits for hair.

Bottom line…

The over three oils are unequivocally suggested for transforming your hair into silky smooth hair however the list doesn’t end here. There are also some other hair oils that are proven to be great for the hair. These include sweet almond, castor, emu oil, Argan oil, lavender, rosemary, jojoba and tea tree oil.

We can utilize homemade remedies to get effective oil hair treatment. There are also some hair masks that proves to be perfect for silky hair. These hair oils are enriched with vitamin and minerals that support healthy hair growth.

Oils are an ideal approach to enhance our hair wellbeing. Try out at least one of the above hair oils and observe their results and let us know.