Apple Cider Vinegar Health Uses

apple cider vinegar health uses

Known by some as “nature’s perfect health food,” apple cider vinegar is nothing less than amazing, and every person that cares about taking care of their health naturally should have a bottle on stock at all times. Vinegar has literally been used for centuries for cooking and cleaning, but did you also know that it has been used for over 12,000 years to treat various health issues?

Apple Cider Vinegar for Good Health

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Traditionally when used in folk remedies, apple cider vinegar was good for things like getting rid of the hiccups, treating an upset stomach, or helping with symptoms of the common cold. More recently however, apple cider vinegar has shown to be effective in doing much, much more. There are many people that have started adding apple cider vinegar to their daily routines to help with things like weight loss and high cholesterol levels. There are even some that claim apple cider vinegar helps with things as serious as diabetes and cancer.

Apple cider vinegar is becoming something widely celebrated, and is definitely getting the attention it deserves. Below you can find out why keeping a bottle of apple cider vinegar at your home is one of the smartest things you can do for your health.

5 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

1. Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial


Apple cider vinegar is so good at killing fungus and bacteria that the only thing stronger is bleach. The high content of malic acid apple cider vinegar contains is the reason why it is so good at getting rid of bacteria, and can be used to help with all kinds of viral and fungal infections.

If you suffer from an overabundance of yeast in the body (which a lot of people do), apple cider vinegar will help get rid of it. To treat excess yeast in the body, simply take a teaspoon or two of apple cider vinegar in water before each meal.

If you’ve got a fungus or bacterial infection outside of your body, such as on your skin or nails, apple cider vinegar will work great to treat your symptoms. If you’ve got something like Athlete’s Foot, try soaking your feet in water mixed with one cup of apple cider vinegar. For other fungal infections (think ringworm) you can apply a 25% to 75% ratio of apple cider vinegar and water on a cotton swab and apply it to the infected area. It’s going to burn, but it will definitely help clear up your symptoms.

2. Aids in Weight Loss

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While the best thing for losing weight is good old fashioned exercise and a healthy diet, apple cider vinegar may help you get to your desired weight just a little bit quicker.

One thing apple cider vinegar does is t0 help greatly with the digestion process. In order to lose weight, your food has to be properly broken down. This is where apple cider vinegar comes into play, improving digestion while also helping to break down the fats accumulated in the body.

While it shouldn’t be considered as a miracle weight loss supplement, it can definitely help and should be taken on a daily basis for the best results. All that there is needed is a couple of teaspoons diluted in a cup of water two times a day.

3. Good for Heart Health

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Apple cider vinegar is proving to be great for your heart, which is awesome in a world where cardiovascular disease is a growing problem. Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can decrease blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.

While these studies have only been done on rats, there is growing evidence that apple cider vinegar may work just as well on humans. One of the reasons for this may be because of the antioxidant known as chlorogenic acid that is prevalent in apple cider vinegar. This powerful antioxidant helps protect cholesterol particles from becoming oxidized, which is one of the fundamental steps towards heart disease.

4. Decreases Diabetes Symptoms


This is one of the areas where apple cider vinegar seems to shine. This type of vinegar helps to lower blood sugar levels, which is something crucial in keeping diabetes under control. It works best for those who suffer from Type 2 diabetes, indiviudals where blood sugar levels are elevated.

Apple cider vinegar also helps to improve insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar responses after meals. Taking just two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water before bed each night can reduce fasting blood sugars by 4%.

Anyone who has diabetes can greatly benefit from taking apple cider vinegar, as well as those that are at risk for developing diabetes in their lifetime. If you are already taking prescription medication for diabetes, it would be wise to check with your doctor before using apple cider vinegar.

5. Protects Against Cancer


While apple cider vinegar won’t necesarily cure cancer, it will certainly help to protect against the free radicals that cause cancer. There have been a few lab studies done on rats that showed apple cider vinegar to actually kill cancer cells and shrink the size of tumors.

It helps to detoxify and purify various organs in the body, which is very beneficial in protecting against the invasion of cancerous cells. Apple cider vinegar is also high in pectin, which can help to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Good Health

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It is super important to use raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar if you want the best results. This will have the “mother” in it, which is the cloudy strings you’ll see settled in the bottom of the raw, unfiltered versions of apple cider vinegar. The mother is what contains all the amazing minerals and trace elements that make apple cider vinegar so good for you. It also includes amino acids and live enzymes that are really beneficial to your system.

Taken internally, apple cider vinegar has the power to greatly improve your health. Start with a couple of teaspoons diluted in a cup of water three times a day, preferably about 15 minutes before meals. It does taste a little sour, and if the taste is too uncomfortable for you, you can add a bit of pure maple syrup or agave nectar to cut the bitter taste.

Apple cider vinegar may just contain the power to revolutionize your health. Isn’t it time you looked into the amazing benefits it contains?