Best Shoes for CrossFit Training


CrossFit is one of the hottest fitness trends of the last few years, and by now most of you have probably heard of it. I remember first hearing about CrossFit from The Biggest Loser trainer, Bob Harper. After looking into it, I have to admit that I was quite impressed. At first, it seemed a little bit intimidating but after researching more I was very encouraged and decided to give it a try. Soon after, I found myself participating in CrossFit sessions on regular basis and encouraging others to try it. The fast-paced workouts are fun and intense, and the competitive group workouts really help me take it to the next level.

The Right Equipment Is Crucial

One of the things that I find important when it comes to CrossFit is that having the right equipment is absolutely necessary. Crossfit is based on constantly varied movements performed at high intensity. That means that you never know when the workout might include rope climbing, weightlifting, sprinting or jumping, to name a few. Of all the equipment you might need to be prepared, having the right set of shoes is absolutely critical. Having the right shoes on will reduce your risk of injury, and increase your performance. For these reasons, I spend a lot of time researching and trying different shoes in order to find what works best for me.

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s needs are different. There is simply not a single pair of shoes that is perfect for everyone. The following list represents a variety of shoes that are designed to fit different people’s needs. It’s important that if you are looking into purchasing your own CrossFit shoes, you should be familiar with what your box’s programming looks like, and know your own preferences for structure and support.

Top 5 CrossFit Training Shoes

Without further ado, here are my personal top 5:

  1. Inov-8 F-lite 232 Shoe: – These shoes offer excellent security and stability for lifting weights. They offer plenty of room in the toes so that you have the ability to spread your toes for the best stance when lifting. They offer great durability without sacrificing comfort. Also, they are the lightest shoes on this list weighing only 9 ounces.
  2. Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0 Training Shoes: – Reebok offers indestructible shoes that are also very light. What is great about them is their “RopePro protection” that enables the shoes to be used for rope climbing without risking any damage- this keeps them from getting torn on rope climbs like other shoes.
  3. ASICS Gel-Fortius TR Cross-Training Shoes: – These shoes are probably the most versatile and multipurpose of the pairs listed here. The synthetic sole offers solid abrasion resistance, and the toecap is reinforced with what ASICS calls their “Rhino skin technology.”
  4. Reebok Women’s Crossfit Lifter 2.0 Training Shoe: The technology behind these shoes is simply amazing. The greatest advantage to them is the fact that they are remarkably customizable. You can put them into your oven and heat them up to 200 degrees. Once the shoes mold you can fit them perfectly to your feet. This is what Reebok calls their “U-form” technology. They also weight mere 13.4 ounces.
  5. PUMA BioWeb Elite Running Shoes: These shoes are excellent all of the runners out there. If you’re doing any kind of endurance training these shoes offer remarkable durability for long distance running.

Do you have favorite pair of shoes that you use for CrossFit? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear about your experiences!